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The last few years have seen a fad in Las Vegas entertainment. Secrets. Sometimes, it is not enough to stand in line outside, waiting to be let into the hippest venue, or the trendiest restaurant. Now, you might not even know where the happening spot is, since the coolest places are hidden in plain sight, with fake doors, or entire facades.

Part whimsy, and part serious business, this trend has made for some awesome locations that we tend to love. Yeah, it might be an open secret, but when you walk into one of these bars, it feels right, and the drinks taste like you are part of a special club.

Great fun for those nights out, intimate dates, or bachelor and bachelorette parties, these 9 hideaways will be the perfect place to get lost.

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On The Record

The new club at the Park MGM is a fab music joint with a funky feel. But if you slip past the karaoke rooms, the double-decker bus outside in the patio, and the band stage and DJ booth, you might find your way to a special room. The Vinyl Parlor is well hidden, a secret bar tucked behind an unmarked door. You really have to know it is there to get in, otherwise it will blend right in.

Inside, some professional bartenders brought in from across the nation serve, shake and stir up special drinks for patrons. Weekends are the time to go, with the bartenders creating cocktails and mocktails based on song titles and lyrics. With the room’s vinyl record collection, there is a lot of inspiration.

We profile On The Record in our complete guide to the venue.

The Study at Rose. Rabbit. Lie.

We admit, we missed this one. We were just too busy enjoying our dining experience to notice this secret. But we should have guessed, as the Cosmopolitan is the king of secret places.

Only a few know to ask, but mention the Study, and you will be led into this very special bar. The décor is gorgeous, the drinks even better, and the company is impressive. This is for the refined patron, but if you are already going to Rose. Rabbit. Lie. than you probably are someone of discerning taste.

Ghost Donkey Bar

The latest secret that we found, this is another one coming to you from the Cosmopolitan Hotel. As part of their recent Block 16 food court, the Ghost Donkey Bar is less found as it is discovered.

The door may look like any old exit, but it is actually an entrance to this small and kooky little watering hole. Inside, you’ll find some bartenders that specialize in mezcal-based cocktails, and tend to be a little talkative with the few but loyal patrons that make their way here.

There is not much room for large groups, so it is best for an intimate stop with friends or your crush. Need that lunchtime pick-me-up, or after work relaxer? The twinkle lights are cool touch, too, and make for a very unique ambiance. And did we mention they serve nachos? Four types, in fact. Honestly, we can’t wait for the first novel that is inspired and written in this secret bar.

Greene Street Kitchen

Here is one that most people overlook. It might not be too well hidden, but it is a great place to disappear. If you don’t want to be found, then head over to Greene Street Kitchen at Palms Casino Resort. You’ll find a lovely little horseshoe bar surrounded by some Banksy originals. The inventive art helps to keep attention off patrons, meaning you can conduct your business in privacy.

NoMad Las Vegas

This is a swanky restaurant, and the bar is not too shabby, either. Part of the Park MGM, this up-scale, high-class establishment fits the urban-chic theme which replaced the former Monte Carlo Casino.

The semi-secret bar is in a little nook hidden off the main dining room. A lot of patrons miss it entirely. But you’ll want to get familiar with this spot, and enjoy the mood and drinks. The servers and bartenders know their business, and will give you a night out to remember. Enjoy some decadent martinis or some of their more flamboyant cocktails.

Mr. Coco

An intimate little bar, Mr. Coco is the invention of Francesco Lafranconi, a former liquor company executive. Set inside the Palms Casino Resort, every detail of this establishment has been planned, providing a wonderful experience for patrons. We’re not sure if the service or menu impresses more, but there is a great selection of champagnes, whiskeys, Cognacs and Armagnacs.

It is even a hit with musicians, so don’t be surprised if you see some from a recording session in the nearby studio.

Montecristo Cigar Bar

Looking to indulge one of your vices? Maybe you don’t want to get too far from the action? Well, this is a cigar cellar at Caesars Palace that keeps up with the times. A courtyard bar and lounge in the back is a great place to enjoy a rare Pappy Van Winkle bourbon, or a Louis XIII Cognac. That will bring some patrons even if they don’t smoke.


This is a busy cocktail bar that doubles as your own private sanctuary. Almost a retreat, you can escape away from the Venetian Las Vegas to enjoy a somber moment and a superb cocktail. There are some truly talented bartenders that serve up a secret Manhattan menu you will want to try. The VIP booths are best, with heavy burgundy privacy curtains that really separate you from the rest of the world.

We like the call button in case you need another drink.


Hidden inside Mabel’s BBQ, Chef-owner Michael Symon has a second, secret restaurant with a speakeasy vibe, Sara’s. This special venue at the Palms Casino Resort has already landed great reviews on the Food Network. Themed as a turn-of-the-century supper club, the servers are in tuxedos, and the décor has some gorgeous finishes. There are plenty of little spaces to get to, and servers that will keep you in clover.

Their specialty is the Old Fashioned, but don’t stop there. The food includes classics like apple-smoked prime rib with table-side service.

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