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Hakkasan Nightclub is a world-class venue in Las Vegas, competing with Omnia for the top spot. Nestled in the MGM Grand rotunda, the club is a trendy mix of dancing, music, and nightlife, packaged with refinement and high-class culture. Hosting the top DJs in the business, some true greats like Calvin Harris, Steve Aoki, Tiesto, and Hardwell have played to packed crowds.

Clubbers enjoy dancing to the music at Hakkasan Las Vegas
I give the grid light show 5/5. Image: Hakkasan

With over 10,000 square feet of space, there are separate rooms for guests, like the Ling Ling Lounge. There is also the Hakkasan restaurant which offers the best Cantonese menu in Las Vegas.

Outside Hakkasan, you will be greeted by the typical roped off areas. Table service follows the left-hand path, and general admission follows the right-hand path. Table service fills out quick, so it is best to reserve your seats early. They are first come first serve, so you will not be guaranteed your first pick.

The main room and dance floor tables are some of the best, and hard to get for certain events. The Ling Ling Room has more a laidback vibe, and is great for those who prefer hip-hop or pop. These tables are more expensive, but provide an intimate space to enjoy the night.

They are open each Thursday through Sunday, and occasionally on weeknights, holidays, and special events according to the schedule. Things are always changing, so check their social calendar to find out what is on the horizon.

Also take the time to enjoy the club. The main room has two floors with an extended back room. A brand new kinetic light installation called The Grid has been installed, right over the dance floor. It offers an amazing experience that changes to the mood of the music, and really helps elevate the quality of shows.

Hakkasan dance floor without guests
I give the DJ as focal point 5/5. Image: Hakkasan

Special treatment

VIP entry is a must if you want to avoid long lines. Waits average between 45 minutes to two hours, depending on the event. VIP entry requires a reserved table with bottle service. There are tables around the dance floor, and tables along the balcony of the exclusive level overlooking the floor.

Bottle service

Hakkasan offers the best table service in Las Vegas. Prices vary depending on your location in the club, the size of your group, and the event. Bottles start around $550, but can go a lot higher. Sometimes, package deals are available, which can save you money, unless you splurge for extra. But each table does have a minimum, which means no one walks away unscathed. And, it should be noted, the minimum does not include tax or tip.

Hakkasan restaurant seating area
I give Cantonese food at a nightclub 5/5. Image: Hakkasan


Hakkasan is a brand, with locations among the world’s greatest cities, like London, New York, Miami, Abu Dhabi, and Mumbai. But the secret to their success has been their dining experience. Across the world, the Hakkasan restaurant has made a name for itself with a premium Cantonese menu. The London’s Hanway Place Hakkasan was even awarded a Michelin Star.

At the MGM Grand Hakkasan, guests are provided with unparalleled luxury. The décor emulates a Chinoiserie style that adorns high end lounges in the Far East. The food is delicious, and provides an excellent diversion before hitting the club.

How to get to Hakkasan Las Vegas

Hakkasan Nightclub is located at the MGM Grand, at the large rotunda. When you arrive be prepared for a small walk through the casino, or down from the pedestrian bridge. It is located near the Level Up Lounge.

3799 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

Parking information: mgmresorts.com/parking

Dress Code

Hakkasan is strict when it comes to their dress code. Dress sharply to avoid problems. Men should have a collared shirt or a trendy sports coat, with a nice pair of shoes. No sneakers or sandals. All athletic wear is prohibited, including track jackets, jerseys, hats, and sports shoes. Only Russian gangsters get away with that (at least in the movies).

Women can almost get away with anything they want that works; however, we have seen instances where flip flop sandals were looked down upon. A cute or sexy dress that fits your body type with a nice set of heels will always work.

Without proper attire, don’t be surprised if you’re kept waiting until past closing time.

Cover Charge

Women$20 - $50
Men$30 - $50
Women on guest listFree
Men on guest listFree

You will generally pay a cover charge at Hakkasan Nightclub. Men pay between $30 and $75 and women between $20 and $50. Certain holiday events and special performances command a premium. Groups on the Hakkasan guest list should consider the following:

  • Both women and men are free
  • Arrive by 10:30 pm cutoff or the space reserved for you may be given to someone else

Contact details

Nightclub: 702 891 3838

Restaurant: 702 891 7888


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