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Las Vegas is more than great hotels and gambling. It even goes beyond the wonderful residencies and gourmet restaurants. It is a city of pure entertainment, where the lights burn bright, and everything is on offer. But with so many options, it is hard to know—or keep up with—everything there is to do.

And that’s why we’re here.

If you need some help adding a bit of pep and vigor to your next trip here to Vegas, check out these unique tours that are sure to delight.

Adherents of yoga in postures with alcohol in hand
In the Western world, the term "yoga" may refer to a modern form of Hatha yoga consisting largely of the postures called asanas. Now with alcohol. I give "drinking with intention" 5/5. Image: Wine Yoga Experience

Yoga + Wine

If we’re being honest, everything adult is a little better with some vino. And this energizing experience is no different.

This is a show, wine, and meditative stretching. Center yourself as instructors perform fire breathing, and you drink Cabernet. The Wine Yoga Experience is a fun, laid-back group session that is bound to please. Enjoy the fresh air with these outdoor classes, and take home a souvenir cup.

At $35, it is on the cheap, and a better deal than anything you find at the spa. You might even make some friends. And yes, there is actual yoga for those of you interested.

Wine Yoga Experience

Hot air balloons over the Las Vegas area
If they always said you were full of hot air, why not see if you can keep your balloon on top. I give looking out below 5/5. Image: Vegas Balloon Rides

Hot air balloon ride over Las Vegas

If helicopter tours are not your thing, go old school with a hot air balloon. You will take in the scenic side of Sin City with these tours, lasting around 3.5-hour as they take you over the painted mountains of Red Rock Canyon, the iconic Las Vegas Strip, and more.

Like the helicopter tours available, there’s even a picnic and Champagne toast. You can even sign up in the winter months and take off at sunset to get the full impact of the neon skyline.

It’s more expensive, at $138.99 per person, but might be worth it if you want an intimate setting, or have always just wanted to fly through the air in a wicker basket.

Vegas Balloon Rides

Two daring and skilled participants in trapeze
Being tied up in risky situations can be even more fun in the air. I give high flying 5/5. Image: Trapeze Las Vegas

Las Vegas trapeze lessons

Actually looking to do something fun? Inspired by the performers at Circus Circus?

Well, you can fulfill your big-top dreams with this 90-minute trapeze lesson. It is not that physically demanding, and provides some excitement and bonding. It’s even better if you have a partner. With professional instructors, you won’t have any fears as you learn enough to do some trapeze tricks.

This will set you back $59.99, which isn’t much, when it comes to Vegas. Kids will love it, or if you and someone special are looking for an exciting activity.

Trapeze Las Vegas

A collage of food to be enjoyed during the downtown Las Vegas food tour
The similarity of street food around the world could be the legacy of an unknown ancient civilization, or it could be that good food has a lot in common. I give street food 5/5. Image: Taste Buzz

Las Vegas food tour of the downtown

People love to eat, and Las Vegas has plenty of options. But it is hard—no, impossible—to eat everything on offer. So this Downtown Food Tour is a great way to sample some of the delectable, and diverse cuisine that has become a hallmark of Sin City. Lasting 2.5-hours, the tour includes edibles and beverages from some of the city’s most popular spots. Guides will also share their knowledge of architecture, culture, and history, with a bit of humor.

We recommend comfortable shoes, and loose pants. Oh, and take advantage of the drinks menu. Adding a cocktail to every stop will make this a tour to remember.

At $89, this is probably the cheapest food tour you will find. But if you want to go class, there are gourmet tours which will take you to the likes of Milos and other exceptional restaurants.

Taste Buzz Food Tours

The Freemont Street Experience as seen across from the Golden Nugget
We always half expect to see a replicant gunned down by a Blade Runner. I give pretty lights 5/5. Image: Pierre André

Fremont Street bar crawl

Fremont Street was once the heart of Las Vegas, but even as the party moved to the Strip, it remains a happening place to visit. Beneath the newly upgraded electric awning, Freemont is a pedestrian thoroughfare that cuts through the heart of the historic downtown. Lined by old school hotel casinos, and some great restaurants and attractions, there is a lot to take in.

On this guided tour, you will weave between kiosks, avoid the kitsch, and get your drink on in style. Try everything from scorpion tequila shots to craft beers, and some great handmade cocktails that are worth posting on Instagram.

This is a fun experience, but we recommend arranging to do it is a group. At $89 a person, it isn’t as cheap as just blundering about between bars, but will keep you point.

New Vegas VIP

A group of professionals enjoy happy hour in an open bar cabin aboard the High Roller, the world's tallest observation wheel
Just one question: why is happy hour only 30 minutes? I give this composition 5/5. Image: Caesars

The LINQ High Roller Happy Hour

Do you ever feel like you go around in circles when you drink? Make it official. The High Roller is a landmark in Las Vegas, you know, that giant Ferris wheel at the end of the LINQ Promenade. But unlike the amusement park attractions, this one offers an all-you-can-drink pod that offers you a view and a buzz. Enjoy thirty minutes as you make the loop-de-loop, with audio commentary so you can claim it was educational. The bartender has plenty of options, from a Bloody Mary, to alcoholic coffees.

The lowest price will set you back $19.99, but expect to pay more for specific dates. And, if you are looking for some real style points, go big and reserve your cabin for 30 minutes during New Year’s Eve for something truly memorable.

The LINQ High Roller

A fanciful extraterrestrial outside of the world famous Little A'le'inn near Area 51
You can see un-documented extraterrestrials everywhere including 83 miles (134 km) north-northwest of Las Vegas. I give this composition 5/5. Image: Viator

The Area 51 Extraterrestrial Tour

Looking to have a little lighthearted fun? Want a laugh? This full-day, private tour of spooktastic Area 51 will put a smile on your face. It isn’t for everyone, but is amusing to most tour-takers, and the guides go full-out. You even get to have an alien-themed lunch. And, yes, it is out of the world[1].

At $225, this tour might be a bit pricey, but we expect it caters to those who have an interest. If that’s the case, there is no better option when taking in some Area 51 color.

Viator Area 51 Alien Tour

Pawn Stars' own Chumlee takes photo with VIP tourists
But who is taking Chumlee's photo at Pawn Stars? I give this composition 5/5. Image: Viator

Las Vegas Reality Show VIP Tour

Las Vegas has played host to a number of reality TV shows, and this tour will treat you to some recognizable locations. Fully narrated, your guide will take you around filming locations used for shows like Ultimate Sports Cards and Memorabilia, Tanked, Pawns Stars, and American Restoration. It might not be a Hollywood Guide to the Stars, but it could be even better.

You will get VIP access which takes you past the lines, which is a major bonus when some location get congested.

Costing $70, this is a good value if you are a fan of TV. But if you want a cheaper option when it comes to the small screen, the CBS Television City Research Center is always available at the MGM Grand, and it is free.

Viator Las Vegas Reality Show VIP Tour

Signature Smash Rage Room Experience

Ever want to reenact that scene from Office Space where the take their frustrations out on the fax machine? Well, you can do that. Rage against the machine at Sin City Smash. Here, you have access to a huge array of breakables, ranging from dishes to printers to lamps that you can absolutely destroy.

Once you put on your protective gear, because safety is always first, you can choose from a selection of weapons and enter the Rage Room. Pay for 15 minutes of no-holds-barred amusement where you can let your inner animal out and take civilization down a notch.

You even get to pick your own playlist, so your soundtrack matches your mood. It is even environmentally friendly, as all the debris and junk is recycled by staff.

Certainly, this $55 experience is worth the price.

Sin City Smash

A helicopter touring flight at night over the Las Vegas Strip
Your view will actually be from the inside of a helicopter like this one. I give this composition 5/5. Image: Viator

Las Vegas Helicopter Night Flight

Well, if hot air balloons are not your thing, step into the modern age with a helicopter tour of the town. No matter how many times you’ve been to Vegas, the city is a different sight once the sun goes down.

In this brief, 15-minute flight, you will experience a unique view of legendary landmarks such as the historic downtown area, the Bellagio fountains, and the Mirage. It is a fun treat, and a great way to cap the night, or start it if you have the energy. Plus, it doesn’t last as long as other tours, meaning you can pack more into your stay.

Sparkling wine and snacks are included, but you may be too busy gawking to fully appreciate what is offered.

Prices start at $84.49.

Viator Deluxe Las Vegas Helicopter Night Flight


1. ^ Out of this world tour may actually be (and probably is) located in the State of Nevada.

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