Milkshakes at Black Tap

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Black Tap is a burger and shake restaurant in the Venetian Las Vegas (and other places worldwide). Offering high quality craftburgers, they are a popular stop for the burger aficionado. But their menu goes far beyond the bun with some tasty sides, and some fantastic milkshakes.

There is a great assortment of flavors on offer if you are just looking for a run-of-the-mill shake. Choose from chocolate, vanilla, coffee, black cherry, strawberry, caramel, Nutella, peanut butter, and Oreo cookies & cream. We like that they went the extra mile here, but love how they sell their CrazyShakes which take things to another level.

An array of three ornately decorated milkshakes with candy and other edibles
Three of the milkshake available from Black Tap. I give the composition 5/5.

The monsters on offer are almost a spectacle, the sort of things that cause people at other tables to turn their heads. We are not even sure how you eat some of these beasts. But we try. And, we are not dissatisfied. Plus, they have options.

  • Cotton Candy Strawberry Shake
  • The Cake Shake, Cake Batter Shake
  • The Cookie Shake, Vanilla Cookie Shake
  • Churro Chocolate Taco Cinnamon Toast Crunch Shake
  • Sweet N’ Salty Peanut Butter Shake
  • Brooklyn Blackout Chocolate Shake
  • Cookies ‘N Cream Supreme Oreo Shake
  • Bam Bam Shake Fruity Pebbles Shake

Don’t take our word for it. Derek from All You Can Vegas and SayHiToMatthew tried some of these shakes. See for yourself:

Of course, the sweet of your milkshake, whether you have one plain, or the Cake Shake with everything on it, goes great with their entrees and sides The Old Fashioned, topped with a prime burger patty, crimini mushrooms, Swiss, caramelized onions, and horseradish sauce is the perfect balance of flavors for the discerning palate. And the Texan Burger, with aged cheddar cheese, crispy onion ring, and bacon is just too good. You’ll leave stuffed.

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