Milkshakes at Sugar Factory

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Sugar Factory American Brasserie doesn’t even seem like a restaurant. Instead, it is like you walked into Willy Wonka’s imagination, and are sitting down to eat his dreams and eccentric ideas.

Everything is themed around candy, sweetness, or creativity. The mac and cheese burger is excellent. The cocktails range from colossal to epic, like swirling shark filled goblets, to smoking dry ice chalices filled with sweet watermelon candy. And the martinis are exotic and overflowing with chocolate.

But the shakes here take it up a notch. In fact, you won’t go wrong coming here just for one of these bad boys. Although you should always start with the rainbow sliders that don’t just look phenomenal, but come with their own toy rubber duck (we got a cow-spotted duck), everything leads up to having one of their Insane Milkshakes.

An array of three ornately decorated milkshakes with candy and other edibles
Three of the milkshakes to order from Sugar Factory. I give long-tail coatings 5/5. Image: Sugar Factory

From the Smores shake stacked tall in marshmallows, chocolate, and Graham crackers, to the Cookie Monster bejeweled in chunks of chocolate-chip cookies, the Sugar Factory has gone all out on taste, design, and presentation. These are beautiful shakes. They even have one topped with a slider, in case you need 20ccs of hamburger stat.

Sugar Factory is a great place to come for dates, or as a family. And the brunch is one of the best around. The french toast is the big winner.

Of course, this polished operation is a little more expensive than similar restaurants. We still think it is worth the price, especially when you are coming here to enjoy Las Vegas in style.

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