The Milkshake and Las Vegas

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Socrates once said, “Milkshakes are pretty cool.”[1]

Following his wisdom, over two-thousand years of Western civilization has advanced to produce some incredible milkshakes. We’re pretty sure the ancient Greek philosopher would regret how far we’ve taken things, but he’s long dead, so, you know, whatever.

Still, we are a humble people, and even surrounded by rich abundance we seldom go all out when in the comfort of our home. We may get a vanilla milkshake every once in-a-while, or treat the kids to one, maybe even splurge on a concrete at the DQ, but never push the limits. Even as our hearts yearn for the biggest and grandest on offer, we say no, not now, maybe later.

Archer from the animated 20th Television 2009 TV series Archer
Archer, as he might have explained how you get milkshakes in the yard instead of ants in the office. I give this scene 5/5. Image: Archer (2009 TV series)

That changes when you come to Las Vegas. We are a city of excess. Great shows, great gambling, great food and drink. Every vice is cared for without fail. And you come here to have it all, and not hold back. This holds true even for the milkshake.

The love affair between the milkshake and Las Vegas has gone nuclear.

Maybe you have seen a few photos on-line, Instagram pics of engineered monstrosities of candy and blended ice cream, with curious toppers that have to be seen to be believed? Well, the stories are all true. A number of great restaurants across the city offer these absurd concoctions which are sure to astound, and they are every bit as good as they look.

So here is your guide to getting the best milkshakes at these prime locations here in Las Vegas.


1. ^ Socrates would have probably said this if he had been real.

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