A growing Vegas needs water and power

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Las Vegas is estimated to grow year after year, as much as five percent. This rate will put a strain on local services if they do not manage to keep up with population.

Currently, local power companies are expanding into renewables, and are poised to provide even more electricity through solar. Energy has been a big concern of late, as Las Vegas relies on air conditioning to provide a quality of life in the desert.

Most new homes are being built with better insulation and energy saving measures to help cut down on the demand for electricity. This, coupled with expansion to solar farms, are estimated to provide the difference through 2022.

Water is an even bigger concern, and has been closely followed with the current droughts lowering Lake Meade. However, recent agreements with Northern Nevada have secured water rights which should meet yearly consumption, when paired with conservation efforts.

Current projects to help secure water reusability are also in the works. Every gallon of water can be recycled indefinitely, and new treatment plants are promising to ensure that the precious resources available to Las Vegas are kept clean for residential consumption.

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