AREA15 brings on Nomadic

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AREA15 has charmed locals and tourists with technological displays, but they have more in store for visitors. The retail and entertainment complex has offered live events, immersive experiences, art installations and more, but are excited to announce a new partnership with Nomadic, the preeminent provider of mixed realty.

The 6,000 square foot total of space reserved for Nomadic will provide it ample opportunity to bring something special to Las Vegas.

Bringing together the best of film and gaming, Nomadic crosses the lines between what is real and virtual which augmented experiences relying on physical interaction. Using props, set design and environmental effects, people are taken on story-driven VR episodes that challenge all expectations. This is cutting edge at its best.

“Nomadic’s vision of being the leader for next generation, out-of-home, fully immersive VR entertainment fits perfectly with the curated collection of unique entertainment and retail businesses, artists and best-in-class live events that will find a home at AREA15,” says Winston Fisher, chief executive officer, AREA15.

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