The LINQ gets the first Tesla Super V3 Supercharging station in Las Vegas

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For the few people in Vegas that drive a Tesla, there is good news. The company announced Thursday that a V3 Supercharging station was now operational in Las Vegas. Located near the High Roller Observation Wheel, you know, the big round thing, and the LINQ hotel, it is now set to service the Strip.

Tesla said the charging system features their brand-new V3 technology, but also incorporates solar power and batteries to alleviate the reliance on grid-based electricity. Working with Caesars Entertainment, the current owners of the LINQ, among other things, Tesla hopes to help the resort giant meets its carbon footprint reduction goals by 2025.

An RC car charger with cord slack tied using a twist tie
One day it will be this easy. I give RC car chargers 5/5.

These new charging stations offer 24 V3 chargers. Each can charge up to 180 miles worth of distance in 15 minutes. The LINQ station is one of three such charging stations in Las Vegas, and the first to open.

For those interested, the V3 Superchargers are rated for 250 kW, and use liquid-cooled charging cables. This is seen as a radical improvement over the Level 2 chargers, but has been difficult to get ready for wide scale adoption. Tesla has also installed 15 Level 2 wall chargers at the LINQ.

Of course, it remains to be seen if regular cars will be prevented from parking in charging spaces, as is a common and vexatious problem for Tesla owners. I know this first hand, because every Tesla owner tells me.

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