Bird watchers of a different sort might get a view of raptors down by the Wynn Resort pool

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Dr. Alan Grant of Jurassic Park won’t be able to help you with these raptors. Wynn Las Vegas has brought in the bird variety, hoping to use an elite squadron of trained raptors to protect their guests from everything from pigeons to starlings.

Wynn Resorts, set to include the largest outdoor pool area after completing Paradise Park, said they brought in the trained raptors to help scare away bothersome birds. The pool of the Vegas property has been a target for winged vermin. Other forms of pest control such as traps, or sonic emitters are less humane, or effective than a few mean-mugging raptors in the area.

Utahraptor, similar in size and appearance to the Velociraptors depicted in Jurassic Park
This is not the kind of raptor you will see at the pool in Paradise Park (we hope). I give bird watching 5/5. Image: Emily Willoughby

For animal lovers, it is important to note the raptors will not attack other birds, casino officials confirmed. The raptors just help keep away other species from sunbathers and outdoor diners, providing a better customer experience.

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