Cult comes to Las Vegas with new hub

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Las Vegas tourism marketing executive Cathy Tull has joined Cult, North America’s leading audience engagement firm, to head their new hub.

With over three decades of experience in marketing and communications, including a position as Chief Marketing Officer for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) from 2005 to 2019, Tull was in high demand. She is credited with building a brand that attracts 43 million visitors a year and overcame the devastating 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting. Her role previous to working at LVCVA was in healthcare marketing, public relations and journalism.

Cult, itself, is North America’s leading marketing engagement agency. It helps brands focus on proven platforms that drive customer and employee engagement, with a goal to increase loyalty.

Tull started moonlighting with Cult five years ago, when she spoke at the international marketing conference, The Gathering, put on by the agency. She has been a speaker multiple times, now, and has found synergy with the agency’s cult-brand principles. Cult has worked to build and expand such name brands as Harley Davidson, IBM, The Home Depot, and Zappos.

Currently, Cult is pursuing a rapid growth strategy across North America. This includes new offices in Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, Las Vegas, Phoenix and Indianapolis. It has also bought Red Dragon Marketing, bolstering their already substantial portfolio.

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