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A new scheme is in the works to bring internet to the whole of Las Vegas. City officials are working with NS8 on a project that will benefit low-income families with internet service and support. Las Vegas Connected will subsidize installation, equipment, and training.

NS8 is a tech firm that specializes in anti-fraud protections for businesses and shoppers on-line.

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Because Wi-Fi is catchier than 'IEEE 802.11b Direct Sequence.' I give branding 5/5.

Estimates for Las Vegas suggest 20% of families are without internet access. As much as 40% of low-income families in Clark County are without an internet subscription. These are people without access to the digital tools and services of the modern age.

But the new project will provide a complete package for as little as $350. Subscribers can receive a tablet computer, high-speed Internet, and computer training, ensuring they will make the most of these tools to grow and prosper.

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The city has distributed over 150 devices to date. There are hopes to increase this service coverage to as many as 2,000 families. However, the current budget is tight, and organizers are looking to private sector support.

We think this is a great project, and will help Las Vegas. Every additional person on-line is another potential reader for our humble site.

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