El Dorado Cantina expanding to second location in Las Vegas Valley

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El Dorado Cantina, a popular Mexican restaurant here in Las Vegas, is opening its second location in Tivoli Village.

This is a 6,200-square-foot restaurant serving up to 240 guests, with additional outdoor seating.

True to Las Vegas, their existing location at 3025 Sammy Davis Jr. Drive is 24/7, and has become a destination for residents and tourists. The owner Larry Rudolph has full confidence that their new addition will carry forward what they have established, and provide the community both what the want, and need.

Paco Cortes, the restaurant’s chef, was quoted as saying, “We’re so excited to have our second location in Tivoli Village and offer the residents and nearby businesses our great guest service and generous portions of our sustainably-sourced authentic Mexican cuisine.”

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