Keith Urban's Graffiti U to reopen newly remodeled Colosseum

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Ever since Celine Dion ended here incredible 17-year residency at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas has been wondering what will happen with the Colosseum theater. Now, some new news has leaked with reports that Keith Urban will play a special two day show here in town.

The country-singer super star from New Zealand (who charted four singles in Australia before moving to the US) will perform two shows to re-open the Colosseum the 6th and 7th of September. He will be playing as part of his Graffiti U World Tour.

Keith Urban plays his guitar dramatically
Nobody knows that this is also the winning move to Guitar Hero. I give the composition of this image 5/5. Image: Caesars

The venue was saddened to see Celine leave after such an extended partnership, but has taken the time to renovate with great new improvements. Working with Live Nation, the theater will sport a new look as well as a new seating configuration. The Colosseum will now sit 4,300 guests. The sound and lights have also gotten an upgrade, with a new high-definition video screen installed for better engagement.

These improvements are seen as a first step in meeting the demands of the modern audience. Many venues are preparing for the eventual opening of the MSG Sphere, hoping to stay competitive as new technologies reach wide scale adoption.

No matter what, this is good for Vegas.

Points of Purchase: Caesars Colosseum (which will lead to Ticketmaster anyway, so just go there first).

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