• Locust swarm 2019

    Locust swarm 2019

    Reports are coming in from everywhere as a swarm of locust descends on Las Vegas this week. You could think of a locust as a grasshopper, and in this case the locust is a common desert species called the pallid-winged grasshopper. Whenever the winter or spring have higher than average precipitation, the grasshoppers accumulate in large numbers south of Laughlin before migrating northward to find new territory in swarms like what we are now seeing. Read more…
  • Las Vegas feels earthquakes

    Las Vegas feels earthquakes

    The 4th of July is shaping up to be memorable as a moderate 6.4-magnitude earthquake jolted the Los Angeles area and was felt here in the Las Vegas Valley. The initial report of magnitude 6.8 was downgraded after additional data was reviewed. At 10:33 am, about 220 driving miles west of Las Vegas in Searles Valley, the earthquake struck. Residents reported the ground shaking here in Las Vegas and Pahrump. There were no reports of damage according to Las Vegas Fire & Rescue, but photos on social media have shown cracked roads, broken windows, and damaged plaster. Read more…