Picnic in the Alley is a new Las Vegas food tradition in the making

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Coming together, having a good time, and eating great food is one of the reasons civilization even got up and running. We love our get-togethers, whether it is a pizza party, drinks after work, or a backyard BBQ. But food festivals might be the most fun your community can have when it comes to sharing a bite to eat, and fun-filled afternoon.

Picnic in the Alley is the latest food event to come to Las Vegas. This Fall festival will showcase women at work. Filling every role, they will be your chefs, your bartenders, and even the musicians, organizers, volunteers and publicists.

A photo of festival attendees enjoying a picnic at the Edinburgh Food Festival
This is not a photo of Picnic in the Alley (because that hasn't happened yet, or before), but this is like we imagine it will be except that Picnic in the Alley will be held at Fergusons Downtown, the location of the monthly Market in the Alley (which has less trees and grass because, well, you know). I give the composition of this image 5/5. Image: Edinburgh Food Festival

Like other food festivals, patrons will enjoy a round robin of chef stations. People will be free to walk where their noses lead them, and are invited to discover some of the great tastes that help make Las Vegas the city that it is. And, you’re welcome to pick up a cocktail along the way.

As for the picnic, guests receive a picnic basket to gather their goodies. You’ll fill it with to-go dishes served at each chef station, and have it overflowing before you’re done.

“The entire event is designed to raise awareness that women in the hospitality industry here are doing really great things for their restaurants and also for the community. When you’re working in a busy resort kitchen all day, you sometimes lose track of the depth of Vegas as a culinary city and the number of strong women who built their careers in hospitality,” said Nicole Brisson, former top chef of Eataly Las Vegas at Park MGM, and now the chef and co-owner of her own off-Strip restaurant, Locale.

There is a large assortment of top talent partaking in the festival. Locale’s Brisson is joined by Rooster Boy Cafe’s Sonia El-Nawal, Honey Salt’s’ Elizabeth Blau, Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen’s Jennifer Murphy, and La Strega’s Gina Marinelli. Some of the outstanding mixologists include Sarah Gage of Corduroy, Sonia Steela of Ada’s and Juyong Kang of The Dorsey at the Venetian.

So, if you like good food, supporting your community, or maybe just discovering a new favorite, set some time aside on October 6. The event will go 7 – 10 pm. Early tickets are priced at $100, but will cost $125 after September 5.

For more information: picnicinthealley.com

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