Win a year’s supply of coffee from Dunkin’

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Las Vegas is now complete with the opening of a new Dunkin’ location at 545 W. Craig Road in North Las Vegas.

This is the 22nd store to open in town, and they will officially accept their first customers July 15.

To celebrate, Dunkin’ is giving free coffee to the first 100 patrons. Each recipient will also be entered to win free coffee for a year. We did some math, and that is a 1 in 100 chance of winning. That’s almost like 1 in 10.

It may seem unimportant, but the opening of this store shows the fierce competition in the world of coffee. Dunkin’ has continued to gain ground from Starbucks, the defacto coffee king. It turns out that basic, decent coffee at a reasonable price can compete against an expensive brand.

Many, it appears, are turning toward Dunkin’ to satisfy their morning caffeine fix. Of course, true connoisseurs hit up the Terrible Herbst.

Don’t forget that Dunkin’ also sell donuts. We must not forget the donuts. We’re pretty sure that is how they got their start.

A selection of Dunkin donuts
A selection of what you could have to accompany your coffee. I give the idea of eating donuts 5/5. Image: Dunkin'

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