Four new hotspots for the Las Vegas local

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Scooped N Baked

Like a sweet, cool treat to help beat the heat? Scooped N Baked takes ice cream and desserts to the next level. They have recently opened a location at 6679 Smoke Ranch Road in Michael Way, and it has received five stars from the first three reviews on Yelp.

The unassuming facade belies a dedication to the art of desserts. Their homemade ice cream flavors include brown butter bacon, rocky road, butter pecan and pistachio. We hear strawberry cheesecake is on the horizon. And, in true Vegas fashion, the shop also offers milkshakes and homemade baked goods.

Servings of ice cream are $4.50 for a single, $6 for a double, or $7 for a triple scoop. [ed.: Do the math. Triple is the way to go.] You can even have your brownies and cookies made into ice cream sandwiches, or try a banana split or sundae. For the brave, they have the Garden Surprise, topped with Oreo cookie crumbs and gummy worms.

It may not have the location or glitz of Sugar Factory, but it sure has the heart.

A lucky Las Vegas four leaf clover pin.
Get it? I give the composition 5/5.

Neko Massage Studio

Downtown has a new place to exorcise those kinks. Look for Neko Massage Studio past 124 S. Sixth St., Suite 170.

If the expensive spas are not your thing, this place might be the right fit. Their partial and full body massages are sure to relieve the stress of too much Vegas living. The staff is dedicated to providing top quality for their customers, so what are you waiting for?

Prisma Food Truck

L.A. doesn’t have a monopoly on food trucks. Prisma Food Truck is our latest addition to the craft, and will be right at home with our favorite the Fukuburger truck. Charting a space at 3038 Rigel Ave. in Rancho Charleston, they won’t be hard to find with too many locations or confusing schedules.

According to their Facebook page, they are “Inspired by the concepts of fine-dining restaurants.” Also, “Prisma brings all the ingenuity and creativity and places it on four wheels.”

Try their specialties, including brisket fajita, shrimp po’ boy, street stir-fry with hakka noodles or rice and an acai popsicle. Their eclectic fare is sure to satisfy the gourmand in all of us.

Alley Fitness

Alley Fitness has a new location at 50 W. Imperial Ave. in Meadows Village. They offer a barre class, personal training and cardio classes to help keep healthy.

Pilates and both group and private personal training sessions are also available.

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