Gwen Stefani reflects on family and her Las Vegas residency

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Multi-hyphenate star and Grammy award winning artist Gwen Stefani has shown herself to be a “Jackie-of-all-trades,” having it all with personal and professional triumphs. A singer and songwriter, she is also an actress, judge on TV’s Voice, record producer, mother of three, clothing designer and all-around fashionista.

Gwen Stefani on stage in costume
Gwen Stefani can even dress like a strawberry cheesecake at the buffet while performing her award winning music on stage. I give the costume 5/5. Image: Caesars

Tura, a provider of eyewear, has even partnered with Stefani for three lines of couture.

Despite fame and success, she keeps herself grounded, crediting family with helping achieve her dreams. Her 10-year-old son, Zuma, has been of particular help.

During the extension of her residency at Planet Hollywood, called “Just a Girl,” Zuma will be helping behind the scenes with backstage work. It may be small, but Stefani seems happy to include her family in her work. Zuma is even the inspiration for one of her eyewear collections, Zuma Rock.

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