Here’s how Las Vegas changes everything

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Las Vegas is an escape from the real world. The City of Sin glitters with lights, temptations, and spectacle, offering guests a little of everything and then a whole lot more.

It is a city that is never the same. Once you have a taste for it, nothing else measures up.

“People can go and see a show anywhere but, in Las Vegas, that same show rises to a whole new level,” said Fletch Brunelle, Vice President of Marketing for Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. “And once the show is over, the fun doesn’t stop. Thanks to world-class culinary offerings and an exceptional nightlife scene, Vegas is like a continuous encore.”

To hammer home the idea, the new marketing campaign put out by the city, “Vegas Changes Everything,” is making waves. Going beyond the vice and gambling at heart of our tourism, this new mantra shows aspirations of developing into an entertainment mecca.

I have to say, I agree. Las Vegas is reinventing itself into something bigger, better, and more grandiose than ever. And here’s how:


The Golden Knights had a great season, but they were bigger winners with their fans. With every game, crowds came out in support. I know, because the lines at the Shake Shack at NYNY were crazy.

Now, Las Vegas is ready to repeat their success with the Raiders, and a brand new stadium which is sure to draw huge numbers. It isn’t only for games, either. The planners are hoping to hit at least fifty big events to make the project profitable. That means more big names, and bigger attractions.

But those in the know are already hearing rumors of even more. Right now, Las Vegas is competing for one of the remaining Major League Soccer slots. If they win, that would be the third big stadium construction project, creating jobs and supporting development.

Soon, Las Vegas could be a sporting powerhouse. Just check with your bookie about odds.


We all know that Las Vegas has the best shows. But have you stopped to consider what is really on offer?

Every day, the names you know are playing and performing. Each resort hotel has a constant line-up, and artists are happy to stop in for even a few nights. No other city boasts the level of theater capacity or technical skills to put on a last minute stage production. Ok, maybe New York City or Branson, but when all the factors are considered Vegas comes out ahead for any given night out on the town including a show.

The best part is it doesn’t matter what sound you like. We’re not just East Coast or Country. Just stop in at Tix4Tonight. They have you covered.

Big name residencies

Over the last few years, Las Vegas residencies have attracted top talent, with everyone from Britney Spears to Christina Aguilera. Gwen Stefani had to extend her residency by popular demand. And Bruno Mars and Aerosmith have settled in for long-term stays.

It is the cool thing for artists. But it also makes sense. Las Vegas offers them every luxury, ensures their performances are top quality, and even offers their fans world class hospitality and service.

Lady Gaga has even set down roots, opening her own museum. Her Little Monsters can take a tour of the fabulous wardrobe she has acquired, including her infamous meat dress. Artists may perform elsewhere, but Las Vegas is becoming their home.

Grant Mazzy has an important on air message in Pontypool
Grant Mazzy would have wanted all his listeners to know that Vegas Changes Everything, not Pontypool, because that would mean everybody eating the buffets and not each other. I give "kill is kiss" 5/5. Image: Pontypool

Gourmet food

People like to eat. Most make a habit of it. And Las Vegas loves to feed them.

Indeed, the biggest decision guests have to make is where to go to get their fill. With thousands of delicious, quality choices, there is no way to try them all. We’ve tried, but with real life getting in the way a place might open then close in this competitive industry before you get your chance to try it.

Everybody knows that buffets are synonymous with the Las Vegas experience. And the range is excellent. From the new A.Y.C.E. buffets which offer exceptional quality for low, low cost, to the Bacchanal at Caesars with its 500 dishes, there is something for everyone.

I recommend the Sterling Brunch at Bally’s. The price is out of this world, but so is the lobster. And, it’s a sure win with their Bloody Mary bar. Just remember to book early.

But if buffets are not your thing, try Rollin’ Smoke for some of the best BBQ around. And, well, you can even turn it into a buffet if you want, for $35.

In the end, just about every flavor from every nation can be found. And if it doesn’t exist, I am sure it’s coming soon.


No one should leave Las Vegas worse for wear. Hangovers excluded, you should come away with a manicure, some detox, and even a vitamin C infusion. After all, Las Vegas is all about indulgence.

In fact, you’re not doing Vegas right if you skimp on the spa treatments.

ARIA has now partnered with Valmont, a luxury skincare provider, to bring some of the best products to their spa. They have a number of extravagant treatments, including the $1000 Majestic Canyon Collagen Facial. Even just a while relaxing with some steam is sure to do you wonders.

The Park MGM which replaced the Monte Carlo offers pampering treatments in its new spa, like the Sothys Hanakasumi Body Treatment. If you ever wanted your skin nourished with Cherry Blossom and Lotus Flower, this is your go-to. There are even plenty of quiet places just to unwind, in case your mood is reaching peak oof.

And the hotel resorts are not stopping. Profits from spas are on the rise as guests are taking better care of themselves. Las Vegas is even seeing record gym memberships. Health and wellness means lots of dollars, and the casinos want to keep ahead of the trend with a whole new slew of services.

And that can truly change everything.

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