Jimmy Kimmel celebrates the grand opening of his new Las Vegas comedy club

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June 14 saw the opening of the cleverly named Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club here in Las Vegas.

Located on The LINQ Promenade, it is part of a sweeping set of upgrades and attractions recently added to the property, such as the virtual reality sensation of The Fantasy Dome.

Kimmel, who might one day go into comedy himself, grew up in Las Vegas and is a graduate from Clark High School. He later attended UNLV, and has close ties to the community. For him, opening a comedy club here in town feels like coming home. In many ways, it is an indulgence, helping to keep alive the memories of his early career.

It has been reported the profits of his new club will be given to charities. And many of the comedians to headline will also appear on his late-night talk show. Kimmel hopes that he can inspire a new generation of comedians.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club had its soft opening on May 2, but Kimmel came to preside over the grand opening Friday. According to the star, it was something of a lifetime achievement.

“Since the day I was born I dreamed of owning a comedy club and a car. And I got a car when I was 17 and this seemed like the next natural step,” said Kimmel.

Six crank yankers talk to each other on the telephone about the new comedy club in Las Vegas
"Did you hear owning a comedy club is the next natural step from owning a car? After that, the White House." I give the American dream 5/5. Image: Crank Yankers

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