Las Vegas courts MLS

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With the success of the Golden Knights and Raiders, Las Vegas is looking to expand with a Major League Soccer franchise (MLS). Though the city has competition for the last spot in the league, plans are in motion to develop the necessary infrastructure and attract top talent. Fans are already abuzz at the prospect, and have been cheering the Lights to their hoped for victory in winning the spot.

Last week’s City Council vote saw an agreement with developers to expand Cashman Field for the MLS. There was also a separate plan proposed by Bill Foley, owner of the Golden Knights.

Currently, the Lights average about 7,600 fans per game, which is exceptional for the United Soccer League. The numbers are trending upwards, as both local and international interest rises.

The MLS will boast 27 teams within two years, and they have plans to expand with three additional franchises. But Las Vegas is up against Phoenix, Charlotte, and Detroit, all vying for a space in MLS. As it stands, St. Louis and Sacramento will each get a team, tightening the chances of Las Vegas clinching a win. Each city offers something, and it is too early to make a prediction.

Las Vegas has developed its sports teams and infrastructure in the past two years, seeing unprecedented investment and returns with the T-Mobile Arena, and the Raiders $1.8 billion stadium. A new world-class soccer facility seems par for the course.

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