MGM Resort International to sue Zurich American Insurance Co.

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MGM Resorts International is facing a lawsuit from more than 4,000 people for damages related to the 2017 Las Vegas Strip mass shooting in which 58 people died. The casino giant has alleged its insurance company failed to pay promised legal costs, preventing a resolution to the ongoing suits.

The Las Vegas-based company further alleged Illinois-based Zurich American Insurance Co. breached their contract and failed to pay defense costs.

MGM Resorts International owns the Mandalay Bay casino resort. The shooter fired from a higher floor room there. MGM also owns the Route 91 Harvest festival venue where the victims died and more than 850 people were injured.

A view from Las Vegas Boulevard looking south to Mandalay Bay.
This is the MGM section of the Strip with Mandalay Bay in the distance glimmering in the setting sun. Image: Marcos Nieto

Brian Ahern, a company spokesperson, assured the lawsuit concerned only the legal costs, and not compensation to the families of victims.

Zurich American has made no statement.

MGM Resorts International is facing years of litigation in civil lawsuits, but hopes that mediation with the plaintiffs may expedite matters. The suits are filed in Nevada, California, and five other states, most of which allege that negligence on the part of hotel security led to the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

“MGM is aware of in excess of 4,000 claimants who are seeking compensation from MGM for their claims arising out of the (shooting),” the Zurich American lawsuit said. “MGM disputes any liability arising out of the event.”

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