Joe Biden to visit Las Vegas

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Rounding out his Presidential campaign, candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden is set to visit Las Vegas on July 20.

Las Vegas has seen a few candidates swing by, but this will be the first major contender to speak to audiences. Biden was the 47th vice president of the United States, serving with former President Obama. During his time in office, he traveled over 1.2 million miles, and to more than 50 countries. He has worked with Congress to fight for a raise in living standards for middle-class Americans, reduce gun violence and violence against women, and to end cancer.

Joe Biden gives two thumbs up
A touching photo of Presidential Democratic nominee candidate and former VP Joe Biden. I give two thumbs up 5/5.

Though a front-runner, his campaign has been attacked by his own party members, and lacks the support of key Democrat supporters. His youth vote is significantly less than some of his opponents. Perhaps, he will attempt to connect with a younger audience in Las Vegas, or reach out to union workers as a show of solidarity.

No other details about his visit have been released at this time.

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