Protester bothers Bezos in Las Vegas

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Jeff Bezos, CEO and founder of Amazon, and richest man in the world, was giving an on-stage talk this Thursday in Las Vegas when he was interrupted by a protester. The woman, identified as 30-year-old Priya Sawhney of Berkeley, California, rushed the stage and yelled about chicken farms.

Bezos was speaking at Amazon’s re:Mars conference being held in the Aria resort and casino. He had attended the conference to explain Amazon’s plans to provide satellite coverage and infrastructure when the woman appeared on stage.

Security guards quickly intervened, ushering Sawhney off the stage.

Direct Action Everywhere spokesman Matt Johnson was able to identify Sawhney, and shared that she was protesting conditions at poultry farms supplying Amazon.

Bezos, who was never under threat, was able to joke with the moderator, “Do you have a response to that?”

The Las Vegas police department gave no comment on whether charges were filed or an arrest was made.

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