Reality TV comes to Las Vegas government

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Move over C-SPAN, Las Vegas is getting in on the action of government reporting. Our city is launching a new edutainment reality program on streaming services. The show will follow government officials and representatives as they do their duty, navigating issues, and handling the problems unique to Sin City.

Officers from Reno 911 contemplate reality television and Las Vegas government
After seeing the popular and accurate depiction of law enforcement down in Reno, Las Vegas government has decided to reveal its inner workings in reality TV. I give the Christmas tree 5/5. Image: Reno 911

Las Vegas officials announced “Inside Vegas” this Monday, sharing that the show will premiere Thursday. It will be available on Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV and the city’s own GoVegas app. If none of those strike your fancy, contact your local pirate. Arrrgh!

Early reports of the first season suggest a bit of humor intertwined with insight, as officials handle:

  • a massage parlor suspected of prostitution;
  • a nonprofit in trouble with police;
  • house parties, and;
  • short-term rentals (looking at you Airbnb).

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