The best of Couture 2019

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Las Vegas has grown beyond gambling into a convention capital, hosting conferences and events which help shape industry and fashion throughout the world.

Most recently, the fabulous Couture Show in Las Vegas has wrapped up, outperforming last year with richer displays of jewelry and leading designs from the best artists and ateliers.

Well beyond the typical trade-only venue, retailers at Couture are able to get a first look at the season’s best bling from the top jewelry manufacturers, setting standards which are reflected in clothing and design. The show is an important stage, not just for sales or for developing brands, but as a place to show creativity and raise the profile of new designers.

A representative paraiba tourmaline gem from Brazil. Is there a Wishmaster inside or do they only live in red ones? I give the cut 5/5. Image: Devon Fine Jewelry

What got our attention?

Well, floral motifs dominated, showing a greater subtlety than past trends. Leaves and flowers were expertly and delicately incorporated.

Colored gemstones were also big hits, breaking from the tradition of diamonds. These bright colors are infusing Summer and Fall with verve and life, suggesting an active and exciting lifestyle.

We were taken by a spectacular paraiba tourmaline ring from Oscar Heyman, and a green-on-green tourmaline and garnet ring from Roberto Coin.

But Couture went deeper this year, bringing the story of pieces to their presentation. This new trend tells the saga behind the sparkle. The newest generation of jewelry lovers responds to the stories behind the pieces they wear, and want to weave in a bit of whimsy and mystery among the gold and platinum.

Whether it’s about what inspired them or where they came from, the story is as much a part of the product as the setting and gem.

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