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Everybody knows that the ride service industry has been changing. Traditional taxis are under fire by services like Lyft and Uber. But now there is a new option for those going from Las Vegas’ airport to the Strip, and it can cost as little as $6.

This new on-demand ride-hailing program is called Trip to Strip, and is provided by the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada. You only pay a fixed price, unlike Lyft and Uber which vary their cost according to peak demand. And it can take you from the airport to your hotel, or as far as the convention center. That’s good enough for most visitors.

Diverse passengers enjoy the comfortable interior of the van.
There may be no better way for models to spend their paychecks after a workplace diversity photo shoot than to pile into one of the comfortable Trip to Strip vans and enjoy a balanced night out on the town. I give the smartly styled interior 5/5. Image: RTC of Southern Nevada

The service operates a fleet of 12 vehicles, each able to hold up to 11 passengers. This is great for small parties that want to get around, since they would otherwise have to split up among vehicles, or spend more on charters. Trip to Strip charges riders based on the distance traveled and the number of passengers.

Of course, it has its drawbacks. Trip to Strip might not take you right to your destination. You are dropped off at the nearest existing bus stop, which is fine for most major resorts, but might leave you with a short walk if you are going anywhere else. And maybe you don’t want to arrive to the club on foot, or trailing your luggage behind you.

The Trip to Strip vehicle can access private property like a casino along the Strip if there is a Trip to Strip or paratransit sign posted on the property. We’ll look into this possibility in a detailed guide.

The important stops include McCarran International Airport, various destinations along the Strip, the Las Vegas Convention Center, downtown Las Vegas and the M Resort on Las Vegas Boulevard, 12 miles south of the popular resort corridor. It seems it is a great choice for locals that know their way around, and don’t want to use the less enviable public transportation options.

If you want to use Trip to Strip, you can download the mobile app. It functions just like other ride-sharing services.

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