The good and bad of the Las Vegas Stadium

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Move over Golden Knights. You’ve had your turn. Las Vegas residents are turning their attention to the Raiders.

But with the $1.8 billion dollar stadium project that will be their new home, some are wondering if this is the right move for the city. After all, this is being funded with local taxes.

Throughout the country, similar projects are brought to fruition with bonds and taxes, putting a burden on residents that generally pays off. Added jobs and economic activity brings more dollars back into the community than were spent. But not every stadium has gone off without a hitch, and no one can know whether the Raiders will be a success in Sin City.

Of course, Las Vegas should have an easier time turning this new stadium into a money maker. As an entertainment capital, the city has events on a daily basis, and should have a full slate set up for the stadium. More events means more profit, and a more welcoming environment for performers.

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