VR Dome coming to The LINQ on the Las Vegas Strip

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Las Vegas is falling in love with virtual reality, or VR. Along with the escape room craze, a number of businesses are offering cutting edge adventures. Now, The LINQ hotel-casino is getting in on the action, and they are bringing something special.

Is this a picture of The Fantasy Dome under construction or the Thunderdome from Mad Max 3? The latter.
The Fantasy Dome under construction. If it's anything like Thunderdome, be sure to only take someone you don't like because only one of you is leaving. I give the optimistic forecast for the future after the next Vegas down turn 5/5. Image: Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

Not to be confused with the MSG Sphere being built at The Venetian and Palazzo Hotel Resort and Casino, The Fantasy Dome is a more personal experience providing an immersive panoramic experience. Powered by Omnispace technology, it is a 360-degree, virtual reality dome which will offer a number of out-of-this-world experiences.

Currently, it is a unique property, but sure to be emulated after hitting the Strip. Already, the owners are looking to expand into other cities. They seem certain that it is going to be a winner.

With five different journeys on offer, guests will experience a 360 visual and sensory adventure. No need for headgear and harnesses like some other VR activities. Just standby and enjoy. Packages include Space Next, Fractal Universe, Primitive and others, at the moderate price of $14.99.

And you won’t have to wait. The soft opening started June 14.

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