It’s getting hot in here

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Even with Friday’s rain, the valley hit 111 degrees Saturday. The afternoon high was reported as record-setting by the National Weather Service.

The near inferno came after rains of 0.03 inches, which were slightly higher than the average for July 12, according to meteorologist Trevor Boucher.

But don’t expect more rains to help cool things off. We expect a return to the hot-dry of our local climate as the week progresses.

Tugg Speedman, holding a weapon and a baby, in a world on fire, stars in one of the Scorcher movies in Tropic Thunder (2008)
It's time for Tugg Speedman to reprise his role. I give this scene 5/5. Image: Tropic thunder (2008)

“This is the time we’re going to see those patterns develop, but it was weak and dry. We dodged a bullet with this first round it looks like,” Boucher said.

We will continue to see temperatures around 108 until later in the week. Evenings will still be in the 70s, so keep your water on hand, and hit up the casinos for free AC.

Of course, Death Valley will have it worse. The desert scorpions will be roasting at 120 degrees this Saturday, temperatures should lighten later in the week to a cool 114.

Maybe this is a good time to try a Slurpee delivery while you’re on the Strip. That’s the #WayToVegas.

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