Questions to ask your automobile accident attorney

— Erick Tyson von Mueller

When you work with an experienced car accident lawyer in Las Vegas, you have a significantly higher likelihood that you will recover financial compensation from the liable parties and insurance companies for the injuries you have suffered and the property damage that you have sustained because of your accident.

Working with an attorney allows you to focus on what is important — making your best possible recovery so that you can get your life back on track after your automobile accident.

Your attorney should help you to obtain maximum compensation for your medical needs, lost wages, property damage, and future surgical or rehabilitation needs after a serious automobile accident in Las Vegas. No one should have to fight with their insurance company, or with the parties who are responsible for causing the accident, on their own.

Insurance companies have extensive resources available to them to contest your claim and will do whatever it takes to save themselves money. It is always best to have a skilled and experienced automobile accident lawyer. Injured accident victims deserve to be compensated for their injuries.

The Humungus in Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior. His body language tells me he doesn't need an attorney for the best chance at a successful recovery. I give the face mask 5/5.

Your attorney should have experience

Do you want to be the first case that teaches your lawyer what not to do, the hard way? Of course you want an experienced lawyer by your side to help you through this tough time in your life.

Your attorney should already know the potential pitfalls to avoid and the strengths to take advantage of in motor vehicle accident cases, and be ready to put that expertise to work for you.

The insurance companies want to offer you as little as possible in their best interests, and will almost always approach you quickly after the accident to have you “sign off” on your right to fair compensation. This is not fair, and your insurance company is trying to take advantage of you while you are in a vulnerable state.

Don’t let your insurance company give you less than you deserve for your auto accident injuries. Insurance companies often resist paying compensation on automobile accident claims. They use a variety of techniques to delay or minimize the payment of compensation to victims and may even try to avoid paying altogether.

Representation by an experienced personal injury attorney who understands what insurance companies do to avoid paying accident claims can sometimes be the only way an accident victim can get what he or she deserves from these insurance companies.

Other questions to ask your attorney

  • Do you have experience handling cases like mine? — You should have already asked about your attorney’s experience because it may be the most important factor in your successful recovery. You will want an attorney with direct experience with cases like yours. You may also want to ask about past results. But if your case is complex or otherwise unique, there may not be any attorney with a depth of experience. In such a case, you will want an attorney with an agile, adaptable mind who has the resources that a new mastery of material may require.

  • What’s your fee structure? — A lawyer should be able to clearly answer any question about fees and expected costs for representation. You may also want to ask about advanced costs and expenses if you lose the case. You should receive a copy of the fee structure that will be applied to your case in writing.

  • How long does it typically take to see a resolution? — While the attorney won’t be able to provide exact estimates until they are familiar with the case, they should be able to provide insight into how long cases like yours generally take. You should have some measure of confidence of when your ordeal will finally come to end, hopefully in a full recovery.

  • Who will be handling my case? — It’s common to do an initial consultation with one attorney and then work with someone else later. You will want to know the name of the attorney that will handle your case, and outline methods for direct communication. It’s also possible that an attorney takes on more work than is advisable. You should know if the attorney has the ability to put the effort into your case that your case will require.

  • What will my role in the case be? — You will want to make sure to clearly outline and understand any expectations of you in the case.

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