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Las Vegas, like any city, has suburbs, and Summerlin is one of them. A growing community to the Northwest of the Strip, it is a high-class city in its own right, geared toward families, children, and living, but still within reach of the Vegas experience.

Summerlin is a tony master-planned community. It is a self-contained paradise that offers rich neighborhoods, shopping, restaurants, and services, all with a recognition of the outdoors and beautiful surrounding scenery of the Red Rock area.

The entrance monument for Summerlin, Nevada, approaching from the east, with rows of palm trees.
Anybody else (from Los Angeles) feel nostalgia for our famous Canon Drive? No?! I give California dreamin' 5/5. Image: Rsilva13

Named after Jean Amelia Summerlin, the paternal grandmother of Howard Hughes, it was originally parceled in 1952, but only saw development in 1991. Spread across 22,500 acres, over 100,000 residents call it home, and there is room to grow.

Ranked 3rd in RCLCO Real Estate Advisors’ national survey of The Top-Selling Master-Planned Communities: Mid-Year Update 2018, it has received numerous awards. But the true test is how well the residents respond to their home, and satisfaction is high.

With the Spring Mountains and Red Rock National Conservation Area to the west, and Hualapai Way and North Rampart Boulevard to the east, Summerlin is at no risk of being crowded by sprawl or development. Even the north is broadly open, drifting eventually off into the desert.

What makes it unique

This little city has a bit of everything, and is just 15 minutes from the best Las Vegas has to offer. Casinos, dining, luxury resorts are all available, but so are the necessities of life. Need a Costco, Summerlin has you covered. They even have the most luxurious residential towers in the area.

Everything is well designed. The roads and roundabouts provide an excellent flow, and sport great landscaping. There is a sort of harmony that connects everything, and looks beautiful.

There is no shortage of shopping and dining. You can even take any of the various hiking trails, or enjoy the large parks and greenbelts. Whether you have an active lifestyle, or just love to stroll the promenade, Summerlin has you covered.

The little luxuries

As a family community, Summerlin does not have the rich nightlife of Las Vegas, but keeps to a quiet pace that is best for living. But there is always something to do, whether shopping, cultural activities, or new culinary experiences. The 106 acres of the Downtown Summerlin development provide plenty of opportunity to engage with others, businesses, or unique events.

Stroll around the walking paths, sit by the fountains, or sip a hot cocoa at the fireside during a cold Nevada night. This is all possible at the Downtown. Predominantly an outdoor venue, there is a cosmopolitan feel with a Nevada twist. You can go to dinner, to a movie, to a fair, and walk home when you are done.

Try the Vintner Grill for a gourmet dinner. The white booths and outdoor cabanas will give you a great place to enjoy their New American cuisine with its Mediterranean spirit.

At Andiron Steak & Sea, you can try a Summerlin Omelet. It features cherry tomatoes, spinach, gruyere, roasted mushrooms, and breakfast potatoes, giving a hearty start to any day. We don’t mind the Bloody Marys, either. They are the best in Summerlin, even if we do say so ourselves.

Even the Regal Cinemas Summerlin Luxury 5 has leather reclining chairs and serves food and cocktails, providing a decidedly better experience to the typical theater.

The Downtown area has all the major big-city brands, including Gap, Sephora, Ann Taylor, Brooks Brothers, Crate & Barrel, Nordstrom, Steve Madden, Michael Kors and Lululemon. Other favorites include The Art of Shaving, for the men, and Tiger Lily Flower Shop, for everyone.

Tivoli Village is its own mixed-use shopping development that caters to an upscale market. Enjoy an outdoor farmers market and concerts. If you keep an eye to the schedule, you can find some great tastings which showcase products from around the Valley, and the world.

And you’re not alone

Summerlin is home to many of the celebrities of Las Vegas. Some stand outs include:

  • David Copperfield
  • Steve Wynn
  • Roger Thomas
  • Dana White
  • Frank Fertitta III

That means you are in good company.

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