• Bird watchers of a different sort might get a view of raptors down by the Wynn Resort pool

    Bird watchers of a different sort might get a view of raptors down by the Wynn Resort pool

    Dr. Alan Grant of Jurassic Park won’t be able to help you with these raptors. Wynn Las Vegas has brought in the bird variety, hoping to use an elite squadron of trained raptors to protect their guests from everything from pigeons to starlings. Wynn Resorts, set to include the largest outdoor pool area after completing Paradise Park, said they brought in the trained raptors to help scare away bothersome birds. The pool of the Vegas property has been a target for winged vermin. Read more…
  • McCarran airport evacuated after fire in baggage claim

    McCarran airport evacuated after fire in baggage claim

    Flyers had a bit more excitement than usual when arriving at McCarran International Airport this Saturday. Authorities reported a small fire had started beneath baggage claim inside Terminal 1, though no damage or injuries occurred. McCarran International Airport has seen record numbers this last May, and expects significant increases from both tourists and through-traffic. The evacuation that occurred interrupted the regular operation of the terminal, but was well conducted, showing the readiness of emergency response staff. Read more…
  • Psycho Las Vegas taps Misfits to fill Saturday-night headliner role

    Psycho Las Vegas taps Misfits to fill Saturday-night headliner role

    It was disappointing news earlier this month when Megadeth canceled most dates in their 2019 tour, including a scheduled performance at Psycho Las Vegas. But fans were more concerned for frontman Dave Mustaine who had been diagnosed with throat cancer. Now, news has broken that the festival—set for August 16-18 at Mandalay Bay Events Center—has found a replacement for the Saturday-night headliner. The Misfits, godfathers of the New Jersey horror-punk scene, will be taking the stage. Read more…
  • Las Vegas strip clubs sued by Carmen Electra and Lucy Pinder over images in ads

    Las Vegas strip clubs sued by Carmen Electra and Lucy Pinder over images in ads

    In some mildly interesting news, twelve professional models are suing five Las Vegas strip clubs, alleging their photos have been used for advertising without permission or payment. It appears that the likes of Lucy Pinder and Carmen Electra may not have frequented those establishments, after all. Each club has been named in separate federal civil lawsuits this month, accusing them of violations of the federal Lanham Act. The false and misleading use of the models’ images in advertising is to blame. Read more…
  • Paul McCartney and Steven Tyler share stage in Las Vegas

    Paul McCartney and Steven Tyler share stage in Las Vegas

    In a rare treat, Paul McCartney brought out a surprise guest at his concert in Las Vegas this Friday. Steven Tyler, of Aerosmith fame, joined with the Beatles star to sing “Helter Skelter” to the applause of the crowd. “We have a special guest for you: Mr. Steven Tyler,” McCartney told his audience at the T-Mobile Arena during the encore. Tyler came onstage armed with his signature scarf-covered microphone stand. The singers didn’t wait a moment before they launched into their song. Read more…
  • Sahara returns as SLS changes name

    Sahara returns as SLS changes name

    The long rumored change has happened. The SLS Hotel and Casino here in Las Vegas is taking back up its old name, the Sahara. Almost an institution, the Sahara hotel is iconic of old Vegas, and hosted the Rat Pack, Jerry Lewis Telethon, and Beatles. Its Arabian theme was part of a gaudy, but nostalgic period where Sin City focused more on vice and gaming. “Sahara is such a recognizable name,” Paul Hobson said, the SLS general manager. Read more…
  • 5G comes to Las Vegas

    5G comes to Las Vegas

    Las Vegas joins the growing list of cities getting 5G service from AT&T. The new coverage is part of the latest upgrades by AT&T. Sin City is the latest of 20 cities that will get 5G+ service. And don’t get confused, since AT&T already offers the similarly named 5G E, which is something different (that is, 5G E is not 5G). But there are some caveats about the new 5G+ service. Read more…
  • Lady Gaga in full form after fall

    Lady Gaga in full form after fall

    Nothing stops a star. If her latest stage-performance is telling, Lady Gaga has recovered fully from her fall on stage during her concert set Thursday, May 30, here in Las Vegas. During a performance of her 2011 single “Judas,” the major icon, 33, gave the audience a little more than expected as she slipped from a robot arm prop. Luckily, her fall was arrested by two backup dancers who were able to catch her before much harm. Read more…
  • Beat the heat with a cool Slurpee treat

    Beat the heat with a cool Slurpee treat

    Hot enough for you? Contrary to the evangelists on the Strip, Las Vegas is not Hell on Earth, but it is almost as hot. And when it gets too warm for you, your comfort is at risk, even your health. But there is a new solution to the problem. If you don’t want to be tied to casino air conditioning, catch a refill of your novelty cup at Fat Tuesday, or tempt fate with one of the colorful street vendors selling suspicious bottles of water, just order on the go with the newest service to hit Las Vegas: Slurpee delivery. Read more…
  • Palms faces worker strike

    Palms faces worker strike

    The Palms casino resort here in Las Vegas is facing a picket by employees who are members of the Culinary Union. The employees will be joined by other hospitality workers, and employee rights advocates. The issue stems from management’s refusal to bargain with the union. In April 2018, the workers voted to unionize, but Station Casinos, owner of the Palms, refused to negotiate. The National Labor Relations Board determined Station Casinos has been “failing and refusing to bargain collectively and in good faith” with the Culinary Union. Read more…
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Jason Bourne and his friends visited the Las Vegas Strip in 2016. Drivers everywhere and almost half the audience hope they never come back. I give the fountain at the Bellagio (behind the multiple-vehicle collision) 5/5.

Las vegas car accident guide

When what happens in Vegas is an auto accident

A satire of a real estate agent's ad showing her eyes emitting laser beams.
Real estate agent Patricia Houlihan got a lot of publicity in 2016 after an ad designer performed laser eye surgery on her photograph. I give the composition of this satire 5/5. Image: imgur


  • A.Y.C.E. Buffet at The Palms

    A.Y.C.E. Buffet at The Palms

    The A.Y.C.E. Buffet is part of the extensive expansion and upgrade of the Palms Hotel Casino. And for those who like to eat, it might be the greatest addition they made. Now, full disclosure, we think this buffet is the best value of any buffet in Las Vegas. It might not have the pizzazz of our top three (Wynn, Aria, and the Wicked Spoon), or the variety of the Bacchanal, but you will walk away knowing your money was well spent. Read more…
  • Lucky Penny at the Palms Casino Resort

    Lucky Penny at the Palms Casino Resort

    A fusion of international and American cuisine This casual dining option at the Palms provides a surprisingly good and interesting menu. Meant as their go-to 24/7 restaurant to cater to all the nightowls, it could well become a local favorite. This is quality food that is a fusion of international and American cuisine, at prices which are reasonable. We don’t expect anyone to seek it out, but those staying at the Palms will enjoy this as their default dining option. Read more…
  • Discover some Hawaiian breakfasts here in Las Vegas

    Discover some Hawaiian breakfasts here in Las Vegas

    Just in time for the protests over the Mauna Kea observatory, here are some Hawaiian themed breakfasts which are sure to get you through the day, and leave you satisfied. Many Hawaiians call Las Vegas home, to the point we are sometimes called the Ninth Island. And that means we have some genuine cuisine which has been given the Las Vegas twist. So, if you are interested in some tropical fare that draws the best from across the Pacific while respecting its own deep traditions, or just want to give your support to those wanting to protect a sacred site, here are some options that will leave you feeling you’re on vacation. Read more…
  • Mabel’s BBQ at the Palms Casino Resort

    Mabel’s BBQ at the Palms Casino Resort

    At a glance: Mabel’s BBQ is a new barbeque restaurant at the Palms, brought to life by Chef Michael Symon. Offering a rich menu of slow cooked and smoked meats, entrees, and sides, guests will be able to enjoy great flavors and fine dining, without the pretense. This is about having a good time, and making it better with an impressive selection of bottled beers, drafts, cocktails, and select whiskeys. Read more…


  • Unknown Bar at The Palms Casino Resort

    Unknown Bar at The Palms Casino Resort

    This bar is a centerpiece at the Palms Casino Many bars draw a crowd with their theme and décor, but few offer the sort of spectacle of Unknown, standing out in white marble like a monument. And there on display is a 13’ tiger shark in three pieces. This art installation by Damien Hirst is eye-catching, provocative and an attraction. It provides an energy to the moment while you have drinks, and an instant ice-breaker as you approach a stranger. Read more…
  • Rojo Lounge at the Palms Casino Resort

    Rojo Lounge at the Palms Casino Resort

    At a glance: A swanky little bar in a little red dress. The Rojo Lounge offers a sexy and appealing watering hole that is a great escape from the casino floor, or the excesses of a Vegas vacation. Meet here, end here, or drop by for a drink. You won’t be disappointed. palms.com/eat-and-drink/rojo-lounge Quick Information Palms Place Hotel and Spa Monday - Thursday: 2 pm to Midnight Friday - Sunday: Noon to 2 am 702 942 7037 The lounge has a better ambiance for having the column than it would without. Read more…
  • Fun things to do while in Las Vegas

    Fun things to do while in Las Vegas

    So, we’re developing a list of fun things to do while in Vegas. This will be a complete guide when we’re finished. What are your suggestion? We understand that MGM has been de-theming its properties, but an authentic New York City subway experience using a 4DX simulator would be... yeah. I give bridges to nowhere 5/5. Image: Stefan Wagener Shopping The Forum Shops at Caesers Palace The Grand Canal Shops at the Venetian Town Square in Las Vegas The Shops at Crystals Fashion Show Mall Art Galleries Skye Art Gallery The Gallery at Aria Martin Lawrence Galleries Museums The Mob Museum Shelby American Inc. Read more…
  • El Cortez keeps Las Vegas tradition alive with coin slot machines

    El Cortez keeps Las Vegas tradition alive with coin slot machines

    The one arm bandit, lights flashing, and alarms ringing, with the sound of coins falling out in a fountain of winnings is the spirit of Vegas gambling. There is no better way to celebrate a winning bet than the spray of money into your bucket of coins. It’s real, weighty, and full of promise. But as much as we can recall the feel of coin slot machines, they are long gone. Read more…


  • Las Vegas Hotel Casinos

    Las Vegas Hotel Casinos

    Park MGM At a glance: The Park MGM is an all new hotel and casino which has replaced the Monte Carlo. This Strip property is situated close to the action, making it a great choice for any visitors. The décor has a Park Avenue grandness, or as some might say a Manhattan or Metropolitan vibe. The rooms are solid, modern, and clean, with a nice appeal. There are some great dining options on-site, as well as Eataly, which offers a unique attraction. Read more…
  • Palms Casino Resort Suites

    Palms Casino Resort Suites

    Theme Suites If you are looking for a way to celebrate in Las Vegas like a true highroller, the theme suites at the Palms Casino Resort are some of the best and most interesting options in town. These are not just luxury rooms, but provide an experience that can change your weekend with friends into something epic. It isn’t always enough to have a bed and bathroom. Sometimes the party has to come back to your hotel room and last until dawn. Read more…