• The Grid is the new experience at Hakkasan

    The Grid is the new experience at Hakkasan

    Always keeping at the cutting edge, Las Vegas offers a new attraction at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. Anyone familiar with the Strip knows the flashing lights and dazzling displays, like a volcanic eruption at the Mirage, or the Bellagio fountain. Even Lady Gaga has a water spectacle of her own. But the coolest addition is an indoor light show you have to see. Hakkasan, the amazing mega club at the MGM Grand, unveiled a new art kinetic light installation. Read more…
  • Virgin Trains service to Las Vegas around the corner

    Virgin Trains service to Las Vegas around the corner

    Virgin Trains has commenced construction of a 125 mph passenger railroad, connecting Orlando to Disney World and Miami. Service is set to begin by 2022, sparking a renaissance in short-leg train products which could see similar products pop up around the country. Virgin Trains USA executives have publicly stated their interest in bringing their newly re-branded service to Las Vegas and Los Angeles, providing a high-speed, and high quality transportation option. Read more…
  • Four new hotspots for the Las Vegas local

    Four new hotspots for the Las Vegas local

    Scooped N Baked Like a sweet, cool treat to help beat the heat? Scooped N Baked takes ice cream and desserts to the next level. They have recently opened a location at 6679 Smoke Ranch Road in Michael Way, and it has received five stars from the first three reviews on Yelp. The unassuming facade belies a dedication to the art of desserts. Their homemade ice cream flavors include brown butter bacon, rocky road, butter pecan and pistachio. Read more…
  • MGM Resort International to sue Zurich American Insurance Co.

    MGM Resort International to sue Zurich American Insurance Co.

    MGM Resorts International is facing a lawsuit from more than 4,000 people for damages related to the 2017 Las Vegas Strip mass shooting in which 58 people died. The casino giant has alleged its insurance company failed to pay promised legal costs, preventing a resolution to the ongoing suits. The Las Vegas-based company further alleged Illinois-based Zurich American Insurance Co. breached their contract and failed to pay defense costs. MGM Resorts International owns the Mandalay Bay casino resort. Read more…
  • Free things to do in Las Vegas

    Free things to do in Las Vegas

    Las Vegas offers a vast array of entertainment and attractions – namely, its gambling culture, but also its resort hotels, gourmet restaurants, and live shows. They helped make Sin City what it is, but can put pressure on anyone’s budget. Thankfully, there are some free – and fun – activities that you can add to your itinerary without a fuss. Here are our top picks of free things to do in Las Vegas: Read more…
  • AmazonFresh comes to Las Vegas

    AmazonFresh comes to Las Vegas

    Amazon Prime members have so many benefits that it is hard to keep track. But one to remember is coming here to Las Vegas. Prime members will soon be able to shop for their groceries, everything from meat and seafood to fresh produce and sundries. “We’re thrilled to introduce AmazonFresh to Prime members in Las Vegas,” Stephenie Landry, vice president, AmazonFresh and Prime Now, said in a press release. “Prime members tell us they want their stuff even faster. Read more…
  • Hello Kitty Café opening in Las Vegas

    Hello Kitty Café opening in Las Vegas

    Have you heard the good news? You’ve been whispering rumors about a Hello Kitty Café opening here in Las Vegas. Now we know for sure there’s yet another reason that Las Vegas will remain competitive with South Korea, Australia, and Orange County, California. Earlier this week, officials confirmed the restaurant will be opening July 12. This leaves plenty of time for Kitty White’s birthday on November 1. During the Foodbeast Katchup Podcast, restaurateur Andy Nguyen mentioned his lead role in the project, and officially announced they would open their doors at MGM’s The Park Vegas, between the newly redone Park MGM (the former Monte Carlo) and MGM’s NY, NY. Read more…
  • More on Metarama

    More on Metarama

    Every year sees new and better festivals and events, keeping audiences entertained, but making it difficult to keep ahead of the pack. Now, reunion tours and acts are making the Summer festival circuit double as a roadshow, upping audience numbers from the draw of events and exhibits. Bonnaroo has worked hard to give the people what they want. One of the most well-established festival brands in the country, they saw a decline in ticket sales in 2016, but after tweaking their product to provide a uniquely immersive experience on stage and off throughout the weekend, they have rebounded. Read more…
  • Wayne Newton to get justice

    Wayne Newton to get justice

    Wayne Newton, perennial star of Las Vegas, testified before a Nevada jury this Tuesday. Testimony revealed he fired a warning shot at two burglars that he and his family encountered at their home last year. “My wife was in hysterics and crying,” Newton said. He added that his wife, Kathleen McCrone Newton, was threatened by a tire iron before the robber used the metal rod against one of the family’s large Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs. Read more…
  • Put your headphones on to hear Aerosmith live at the Park MGM in Las Vegas

    Put your headphones on to hear Aerosmith live at the Park MGM in Las Vegas

    1MORE, the company behind THX Certified headphones, has had a successful debut of their cutting-edge technology here in Las Vegas. Lucky shows around town in April have been enhanced, providing crystal clear audio for those with VIP tickets. Now, the company will continue delivering award winning sound for Aerosmith’s Deuces are Wild Residency. VIP ticket holders will be treated to an unforgettable performance by Aerosmith, and a pair of THX Certified 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones. Read more…
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Jason Bourne and his friends visited the Las Vegas Strip in 2016. Drivers everywhere and almost half the audience hope they never come back. I give the fountain at the Bellagio (behind the multiple-vehicle collision) 5/5.

Las vegas car accident guide

When what happens in Vegas is an auto accident

A satire of a real estate agent's ad showing her eyes emitting laser beams.
Real estate agent Patricia Houlihan got a lot of publicity in 2016 after an ad designer performed laser eye surgery on her photograph. I give the composition of this satire 5/5. Image: imgur


  • A.Y.C.E. Buffet at The Palms

    A.Y.C.E. Buffet at The Palms

    The A.Y.C.E. Buffet is part of the extensive expansion and upgrade of the Palms Hotel Casino. And for those who like to eat, it might be the greatest addition they made. Now, full disclosure, we think this buffet is the best value of any buffet in Las Vegas. It might not have the pizzazz of our top three (Wynn, Aria, and the Wicked Spoon), or the variety of the Bacchanal, but you will walk away knowing your money was well spent. Read more…
  • Lucky Penny at the Palms Casino Resort

    Lucky Penny at the Palms Casino Resort

    A fusion of international and American cuisine This casual dining option at the Palms provides a surprisingly good and interesting menu. Meant as their go-to 24/7 restaurant to cater to all the nightowls, it could well become a local favorite. This is quality food that is a fusion of international and American cuisine, at prices which are reasonable. We don’t expect anyone to seek it out, but those staying at the Palms will enjoy this as their default dining option. Read more…
  • Discover some Hawaiian breakfasts here in Las Vegas

    Discover some Hawaiian breakfasts here in Las Vegas

    Just in time for the protests over the Mauna Kea observatory, here are some Hawaiian themed breakfasts which are sure to get you through the day, and leave you satisfied. Many Hawaiians call Las Vegas home, to the point we are sometimes called the Ninth Island. And that means we have some genuine cuisine which has been given the Las Vegas twist. So, if you are interested in some tropical fare that draws the best from across the Pacific while respecting its own deep traditions, or just want to give your support to those wanting to protect a sacred site, here are some options that will leave you feeling you’re on vacation. Read more…
  • Mabel’s BBQ at the Palms Casino Resort

    Mabel’s BBQ at the Palms Casino Resort

    At a glance: Mabel’s BBQ is a new barbeque restaurant at the Palms, brought to life by Chef Michael Symon. Offering a rich menu of slow cooked and smoked meats, entrees, and sides, guests will be able to enjoy great flavors and fine dining, without the pretense. This is about having a good time, and making it better with an impressive selection of bottled beers, drafts, cocktails, and select whiskeys. Read more…


  • Unknown Bar at The Palms Casino Resort

    Unknown Bar at The Palms Casino Resort

    This bar is a centerpiece at the Palms Casino Many bars draw a crowd with their theme and décor, but few offer the sort of spectacle of Unknown, standing out in white marble like a monument. And there on display is a 13’ tiger shark in three pieces. This art installation by Damien Hirst is eye-catching, provocative and an attraction. It provides an energy to the moment while you have drinks, and an instant ice-breaker as you approach a stranger. Read more…
  • Rojo Lounge at the Palms Casino Resort

    Rojo Lounge at the Palms Casino Resort

    At a glance: A swanky little bar in a little red dress. The Rojo Lounge offers a sexy and appealing watering hole that is a great escape from the casino floor, or the excesses of a Vegas vacation. Meet here, end here, or drop by for a drink. You won’t be disappointed. palms.com/eat-and-drink/rojo-lounge Quick Information Palms Place Hotel and Spa Monday - Thursday: 2 pm to Midnight Friday - Sunday: Noon to 2 am 702 942 7037 The lounge has a better ambiance for having the column than it would without. Read more…
  • Fun things to do while in Las Vegas

    Fun things to do while in Las Vegas

    So, we’re developing a list of fun things to do while in Vegas. This will be a complete guide when we’re finished. What are your suggestion? We understand that MGM has been de-theming its properties, but an authentic New York City subway experience using a 4DX simulator would be... yeah. I give bridges to nowhere 5/5. Image: Stefan Wagener Shopping The Forum Shops at Caesers Palace The Grand Canal Shops at the Venetian Town Square in Las Vegas The Shops at Crystals Fashion Show Mall Art Galleries Skye Art Gallery The Gallery at Aria Martin Lawrence Galleries Museums The Mob Museum Shelby American Inc. Read more…
  • El Cortez keeps Las Vegas tradition alive with coin slot machines

    El Cortez keeps Las Vegas tradition alive with coin slot machines

    The one arm bandit, lights flashing, and alarms ringing, with the sound of coins falling out in a fountain of winnings is the spirit of Vegas gambling. There is no better way to celebrate a winning bet than the spray of money into your bucket of coins. It’s real, weighty, and full of promise. But as much as we can recall the feel of coin slot machines, they are long gone. Read more…


  • Las Vegas Hotel Casinos

    Las Vegas Hotel Casinos

    Park MGM At a glance: The Park MGM is an all new hotel and casino which has replaced the Monte Carlo. This Strip property is situated close to the action, making it a great choice for any visitors. The décor has a Park Avenue grandness, or as some might say a Manhattan or Metropolitan vibe. The rooms are solid, modern, and clean, with a nice appeal. There are some great dining options on-site, as well as Eataly, which offers a unique attraction. Read more…
  • Palms Casino Resort Suites

    Palms Casino Resort Suites

    Theme Suites If you are looking for a way to celebrate in Las Vegas like a true highroller, the theme suites at the Palms Casino Resort are some of the best and most interesting options in town. These are not just luxury rooms, but provide an experience that can change your weekend with friends into something epic. It isn’t always enough to have a bed and bathroom. Sometimes the party has to come back to your hotel room and last until dawn. Read more…