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  • Las Vegas Hotel Casinos

    Las Vegas Hotel Casinos

    Park MGM At a glance: The Park MGM is an all new hotel and casino which has replaced the Monte Carlo. This Strip property is situated close to the action, making it a great choice for any visitors. The décor has a Park Avenue grandness, or as some might say a Manhattan or Metropolitan vibe. The rooms are solid, modern, and clean, with a nice appeal. There are some great dining options on-site, as well as Eataly, which offers a unique attraction. Read more…
  • Palms Casino Resort Suites

    Palms Casino Resort Suites

    Theme Suites If you are looking for a way to celebrate in Las Vegas like a true highroller, the theme suites at the Palms Casino Resort are some of the best and most interesting options in town. These are not just luxury rooms, but provide an experience that can change your weekend with friends into something epic. It isn’t always enough to have a bed and bathroom. Sometimes the party has to come back to your hotel room and last until dawn. Read more…
  • The Empathy Suite at The Palms Casino Resort

    The Empathy Suite at The Palms Casino Resort

    Are you looking to stay somewhere fabulous in Las Vegas? Or maybe you’re just looking. There are some truly beautiful suites, penthouses, and villas both on and off the Strip, each providing not just a bed and bath, but a lifestyle that echoes the excess and decadence of Sin City. They are glimpses of celebrity, fame, of richness and the jet-set, not only giving the illusion of another life, but a tangible moment to keep forever. Read more…
  • The Palms Casino Resort

    The Palms Casino Resort

    The Complete Guide

    At a glance: The Palms Casino Resort is perhaps the best off-strip resort hotel and casino in Las Vegas. It’s also quite close to the Strip, so there’s that, too. With KAOS, their incredible new day and nightclub, a superior selection of fine dining and fast casual options, and fantastic shows at the Pearl Theater, they have everything for your Vegas stay. Even a your favorite slots and table games. Read more…