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At a glance: The Palms Casino Resort is perhaps the best off-strip resort hotel and casino in Las Vegas. It’s also quite close to the Strip, so there’s that, too. With KAOS, their incredible new day and nightclub, a superior selection of fine dining and fast casual options, and fantastic shows at the Pearl Theater, they have everything for your Vegas stay. Even a your favorite slots and table games. The Palms is owned by Station Casinos, and a member of the Station Pass network.

A view of the three ornamented and illuminated towers of The Palms Casino Resort
The theme of The Palms appears to be cool place to enjoy your stay in Vegas. I give the composition of this image 5/5. Image: Las Vegas Advisor

In full: There are many great hotels and casinos off-Strip. Some experts even argue the best, or at least the best deals, are off-Strip. And the Palms is certainly number one on our list.

Fresh from $700,000,000 in renovations, the Palms is a stylish and trendy property that offers a variety of accommodations, dining options, and venues for their guests. The staff are excellent, and the facilities well-maintained. As a happening resort, they have worked hard to create a destination that can keep people happy as they enjoy their stay.

Once you come to the Palms, you don’t really have to leave, and you won’t want to leave.

Rooms at The Palms

The rooms at the Palms are some of the best in Las Vegas, and are well priced for the value you get. There are even regular offers and discounts, and if you are lucky, some wave the dreaded resort fee.

If you are looking for an extra special time in Vegas, the Palms includes a variety of incredible suites, penthouses, and villas. Try the Hardwood, a basketball themed suite with full court, or the Kingpin with a two full bowling lanes. Bachelorettes are in luck, as the Palms even offers up the perfect suite for groups, with extra large vanity, theming, and pink décor. They even have the most expensive room in the world.

The Empathy Suite, a bit of a local legend, is 9,000-square feet of luxury, with some major pieces of art by British artist Damien Hirst. The butterfly motifs and overhanging pool with view of the city skyline are only some of the spectacular features you can experience if you stay here. Of course, be prepared to pay for the privilege.

For the MTV crowd, you can even check out the Real World suite for a throwback. Live your own reality show while having a blast.

The Palms has taken special care to create bright, clean, and fresh rooms with an uncluttered design. There is a high degree of finish-out that puts some older hotels to shame. The bathrooms are stellar, with many upgrades that come standard. Nothing feels old or dingy, unlike other hotels which show a bit of wear and tear. We feel these are some of the most modern and competitive rooms in Las Vegas.

The Palms is split between two towers, the Fantasy Tower, and Ivory Tower. Both offer the same great quality, so don’t feel you have to choose one over the other.

Dining at the Palms

As a destination, the Palms has worked hard to provide a number of dining options on-site so guests do not need to go far to eat, or eat well. The selection of restaurants are fun, interesting, and brought to life by some of the best chefs in the world.

You can have your pick from a gourmet steakhouse like Sara’s, hidden inside Mabel’s BBQ, to simple restaurants like Send Noodles with their selection of great ramens and udon bowls. You can even hit up The Eatery, right off the casino floor, for some fast casual food at favorites like Earl of Sandwich, or Panda Express. There are plenty of options to fit your needs.

A.Y.C.E. Buffet

Las Vegas is big on buffets. And the Palms offers one of the best. This is a budget buffet, with a low, low price, especially with your Station Pass players card. But it won’t feel cheap. The best value for your money, A.Y.C.E. offers a delicious selection of gourmet food, with a top carvery, interesting sides, and even handmade ice cream sandwiches.

Scotch 80 Prime

An up-market steakhouse, the true draw for Scotch 80 Prime is their selection of whisky. Enjoy their reserves while you dine on prime rib. This is a great choice if you have some serious connoisseurs in your group. Surprise them with this, and they will have a smile for sure.

Vetri Cucina

Marc Vetri has made something special with his restaurant Vetri Cucina. An Italian inspired menu with Philly roots, Cucina lets guests enjoy some dishes that are both beautiful and delicious. The views from floor 56 pair well with appetizers of almond tortellini in truffle butter, and you can start with a sophisticated martini at the bar.


The sushi and seafood from Chef Bobby Flay will go over perfectly at this restaurant. This is fresh and light fare that will leave you happy. Share your plates with a group for a great experience.


Michael Symon has made a decadent steakhouse in the tradition of an old-time speakeasy. This has flair, with waiters dressed in tuxedos, and a special bar menu that will have you coming back. We like the table side service, since there is just something special about seeing your perfect cut carved in front of you. And did we mention this restaurant is hidden inside Mabel’s BBQ?

Mabel’s BBQ

We’re not going to lie. BBQ is probably the best. And here, Michael Symon has made a classy smokehouse serving up some top-quality meat. This is BBQ with flavor, bold and smooth. We like the relaxed atmosphere that still has a touch of class.

Greene Street Kitchen

This is what you get when you start to fusion cuisine. The flavor is a little bit of everything, presented with the utmost care. You will dine in style, with an extravagant setting including some art from established and counter-culture creatives. Take in the Banksy while you have a lobster roll, or sip at an Old Fashioned and muse about the effects of globalization.

Tim Ho Wan

This soon to open restaurant is a new location for the landmark Hong Kong dim-sum superstar. Expect superb flavors, and an amazing variety at the Michelin-star Tim Ho Wan.

Send Noodles

There are a lot of Asian noodle bars in Las Vegas, but Send Noodles stands out in our mind. The playful mix of East meets West combines some great flavors that will satisfy the palate. Stop by for some ramen, but try some of the assorted sides. You will discover something great.

Lucky Penny

Compare this all day dining option to the Grand Lux Café at the Venetian. You will see Lucky Penny brings top quality to a 24 hour schedule. Whether it is an omelet, a hamburger, or French toast, have it here any time. And don’t be disappointed, because the flavors are phenomenal. They even do a great job at plating, with clean and pretty looking dishes.

We really love this option, so give it a shot.

Laguna Pool House

Inspired from the elevated cuisine of California, you can enjoy this restaurant pool-side. Most of the menu pairs best with the wines on offer, so have a little bit of the red or white.

Side Piece Pizza

As part of their effort to cover all bases, the Palms even offers their own pizza. This might seem a simple little counter attached to the Greene Street Kitchen, but it packs a wallop of East coast flavor. We haven’t tried their more signature flavors, but the tried and true pepperoni went over without complaint. The crust is good, and the sauce has just the right sort of kick.

The Eatery

The Eatery is the food court at The Palms, with many of the familiar favorites.

  • McDonald’s
  • Panda Express
  • Earl of Sandwich
  • Chronic tacos
  • freshii
  • The Coffee Bean

Mr. Coco

The best place to attend cocktail hour, Mr. Coco offers an experience for groups like no other. As the piano plays, sip at some masterful libations, and regale your friends with great and raucous tales. Let the servers bring the most fanciful small bites to your table as you feel what it is to live large.

The drinks are incredible, so take advantage of the opportunity and watch as these master bartenders construct art before your eyes. Oh, and do try the espresso martinis.

The Unknown

Honestly, just go here, even for a single drink. You will love the prominent art by Damien Hirst. Have your drink beneath a shark split in three, encased in glass, and put on display. If the spectacle is not enough for you, the selection of handcrafted cocktails should keep you satisfied.


This bar in the heart of the action is right on the casino floor. Have a drink, play some games, and make a sports bet. It’s up to you.

Rojo Lounge

Looking for nightcap and maybe more? This is the place. A small, simple bar, the stylish red and black will leave you in a right and ready mood. Have a conversation with someone interesting while you drink martinis. You won’t even need a players card to score big.

Clubs at The Palms

The Palms has gone full-out when they developed their day and nightclub, KAOS. From the massive outdoor area overlooked by a towering bronze statue, to the glass covered rotunda where the party starts and doesn’t stop, there are many features which will keep you going whether noon or night.

We like the massive LED screen on the side of the Ivory Tower. From KAOS, you can watch effects, shows, or even movies as they play from evening on. A bit like the Cosmopolitan with its outdoor movies, this is one option that impresses. Of course, we didn’t need an extra reason to loaf out on a daybed here.

Though a new club, KAOS has already gotten rave reviews, and become a center of activity for tourists and locals. The DJ lineup is one of the best in town, with Skrillex, Deadmau5, Marshmellow and many others regularly playing to packed audiences. You will find this is a great place to take a group, or go lone wolf. You’ll find everything from eye-candy and good beats to great décor, as well as drinks and eats that will make your night one to remember. KAOS is everything great about megaclubs, without the crowding or the riff-raff that detract from your personal enjoyment.

Soak, the dayclub portion of KAOS, is always a happening hot spot. You can get energized with some great acts, featuring live performances by the likes of Cardi B, or take it easy with a reserved cabana and some bottle service. This is a large area, so you can jump into the action, or keep to yourself with some privacy. There are plenty of options here to have fun, but bring your credit card.

And, the Palms offers its own rooftop experience. The Apex is a new club that takes over from GhostBar. On the 55th floor, it is 8,000-square feet of premier real-estate, with views that can’t be beat. Unlike the packed megaclubs, this one offers up a more personal experience.

The art, the handcrafted cocktails, and the view are all draws that keep this place packed. It is a nice spot for couples, and lets you still hear each other when the music is goin.

Pool at the Palms

No hotel resort is complete without a pool area, and the Palms boasts one of the better ones. Admittedly, it is no Mandalay Bay Beach, but has everything guests need to lounge in the sun or get a little wet.

You will find the service is great, whether you have a cabana, day bed, or are just in a lounge chair. Everyone is treated like a VIP, and everyone has a great time.

We would note that the Palms is not a family resort, as some are. You are free to bring your kids, but will find the crowds are more adult. This goes for the pool area, too.

We would like to point out the Palms is littered with artworks. The curated collection can be seen all over the property, from the lobby to the pool area. Select rooms even boast some of the greatest pieces on display.

While you are here, be sure to check out some of the more noteworthy works of art. We are partial to Damien Hirst, so hop on over to Unknown Bar and enjoy this fish three ways.

Recording studio at the Palms

If you are looking for something different, Studio at the Palms can help you cut a new single. This top quality recording studio has played host to some world-class talent. Locals like Imaginary Dragons to legends like Britney Spears and Lady Gaga have all worked from here.

It may be costly, and require some planning, but this cool spot is a dream to achieve for any musician. Make a request, and you might even get a tour.

But even if you are not a creative, this is still a big selling point. There are plenty of celebrities that are always hanging around. Keep your eyes peeled at the restaurants, and be on a look-out for any rockstars.

Casino at the Palms

The Palms casino may be smaller than those Strip properties, but they are beautiful, looking fresh, vibrant, and fun. You will love playing here, and feel like a VIP even at the penny slots.

The table games areas is a real work of art, and is near one of the bars. Take a break and enjoy a world-class martini or Manhattan. Or, get serious, and settle in for a tournament. Your choice.

The typical selection of modern slot machines are available, so if you like to get hypnotized by the reels and lights, the Palms has you covered. We wish they had more progressives, but can’t complain. There are other great opportunities to win, with special gift and points giveaways daily.

And for the highrollers, you will appreciate the no limit room. This dark and sensuous parlor for the well-heeled gambler is almost like a jewel-box. Enjoy handcrafted drinks, personal service, and some calculated risk. Of course, you will need your credit approved before entry.

As part of Station Casinos, the Palms uses the Station Pass as their loyalty rewards card. Before gaming, every player should pick one up to help earn points. Even if you just intend to stay, getting a loyalty rewards card can help save big on rooms and dining. There is no cost, and it is the best way to show the casino you are worth comps.

Shows at the Palms

The Pearl is your go to for entertainment at the Palms. This 2,500 seat theater hosts some top talent while still providing an intimate setting. The state-of-the-art design and sound equipment make for a perfect concert experience. No matter where you sit, you will still feel like it’s the front row.

Check the schedule to see who’s playing. Past shows have included Gwen Stefani and Evanescence.

If you just want something from the silver screen, the Brenden Theaters is an excellent on-site option. This high-class cinema includes 14 theaters of movie magic, each sporting some of the top technology for your viewing pleasure. Have a seat in an electric reclining leather chair, and enjoy a themed drink from the bar. This is good for movies, or presentations if you can convince corporate.

And, we will add, the prices beat those at regular theaters.

How to get to The Palms

The Palms is located off of The Strip, east of the freeway.

4321 West Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, Nevada 89103

Contact details

702 942 7777

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