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Every destination has its high season. But often the low season offers the best bargains for the frugal traveler. For Las Vegas, the low season is the same as Summer, and you can be facing some extreme heat, as much as a 110 degrees. But who cares? It’s Las Vegas, and you’ll be spending your time inside at the casino, or in restaurants. Maybe even the spa, or pool.

Just because Summertime is a slow season for Vegas doesn’t mean it’s a bad pick. There are great deals, and you’ll miss the crowds. So give it a shot.

You can even plan a simple getaway for as little as $200. And here’s how.


Las Vegas is becoming a hub for international and domestic flights, meaning there is always a plane coming or going. Flights are cheapest during the heat of Summer, and a midweek itinerary will save you even more. Those Friday flights with a Sunday departure come at a premium, so try to avoid them if yo are cutting costs. In the Bay Area, roundtrip fares can cost as little at $66 on Allegiant Airlines when departing from Oakland. But that is for midweek flights, and you will have to pay for additional luggage. Spirit Airways charges $100 for the same flight, with fewer restrictions, while Alaska Airlines can take you there from SFO for about $120 roundtrip.

And those are just basic prices. To get the best values, play around with your itinerary and check out the weekly and monthly deals. Or see about joining loyalty programs. Spirit Airways has a great $9 Fare Club, which is just as good as a jackpot.


We know. Taxis, Lyfts, and Ubers are all a pain, with prices that range from okay to exorbitant. But the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada recently started their own super-cheap service called Trip to Strip. These 11 passenger vans can take you from McCarran to as far as the convention center for a flat charge of $6. Just download the app and call them to any of a number of bus stops. Right now, there is no easier or cheaper way, short of getting a ride from a local friend.


Las Vegas resorts and hotels already offer great deals, especially to repeat customers. But during the Summer months, customers can save big. Even on the Strip rooms are super cheap, and upgrades are easier to get. The good old $20 trick goes a lot further.

But as usual, there are some things to consider. Resort fees are the hidden tax of any travel plan, and can crop up unexpectedly for many guests. Just don’t worry too much. Due to a recent decline in stays and fiercer competition, some hotels are reducing or eliminating their fees. And if you know anyone with high tier status, they get their resort fees waved automatically.

In any case, be on the lookout for fees and additional charges — like the infamous resort fee which can sometimes cost more per night than the room itself — and consider calling to confirm the total price of your stay. In July, some great midweek deals include the 4-star SLS for $95 per night including resort fee, or the newly renamed 3.5 star Strat which is going for $70 per night including fees. And though I would avoid it like the plague, Circus Circus can put you up in July for $65 per night including resort fee.

If you’re lucky, airfare, transfer, and hotel can all come in under $200. That is a great price for a great vacay, and should leave you plenty of money to enjoy the excellent food, shows, and even gambling Las Vegas has to offer.

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