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The Ultimate Guide

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Aria Hotel and Casino

At a glance: The Aria Hotel and Casino is an ultra-modern luxury property. Part of the City Center in the heart of Las Vega, it boasts a prime location with access to shopping, fine dining, and an excellent casino. With one of the best Vegas buffets, and top quality rooms, you will not want to leave. Aria is an MGM property and part of the M Life Rewards network.

In full: The Aria is a premier property, and comes with a premium. As part of the MGM network of properties, it feels like the crowning jewel, and certainly has a stellar position amid the modern and towering City Center at the heart of the Vegas Strip.

An image of the Aria hotel in Las Vegas showing the illuminated marquee and curving profiles of the buildings.
The Aria is the centerpiece of the CityCenter development. I give refined curves 5/5. Image: Aria

Like the Cosmopolitan, the Aria has a chic and sophisticated look, but is a bit more restrained and traditional, appealing to a broader crowd than just hipsters and scenesters. With excellent convention space, a surprisingly large casino floor, and a modicum of shopping on premises, there is little need to leave unless you are going home.

The Aria Buffet is actually one of our favorites. We believe the top three buffets are the Aria, the Wicked Spoon, and the Wynn buffet. The Bacchanal is also a contender, but is more an experience in its own category. However, the taste, selection, quality, and price of the Aria Buffet put it at the forefront.

We also not that the high limit rooms at the Aria are some of the best. This is probably where you want to gamble if you can afford it. It might not be the Riviera or Monte Carlo, but it has the class. You won’t mind throwing dice here.

Our only complaint is with the comps. Many tourists expect them, and even look forward to them as part of the experience. You will find that the comps are not as forthcoming at Aria as in other casinos. The drinks may ultimately be better, but you will wind up paying for them yourself.

The luxury suits available not only provide a better class of room, but additional amenities. Pick-up from the airport can be arranged, and check-in is made a breeze with a special lounge providing quality coffee and snacks. The concierge service is actually helpful, and will go the extra mile to fix your problems, find you impossible to-get show tickets, and arrange any experience you want. They will be happy to even do your shopping so you can spend more time at the tables.

The pool area is not the greatest option in Las Vegas, but is perfect for the sedate and established guests which come to Aria. Named Ellipse, there are three pools to provide space and lounge area. Cabanas are available, and will make your time here much more enjoyable.

However, the spa is a better place to relax. A number of truly amazing treatments and full-body therapies are available at the Aria. They may seem absurd, but try one, and you will be refreshed.

For nightlife, the Aria boasts a spanning 24,000 square feet of club. The JEWEL is designed by the Hakkasan Group, bringing the best of quality and experience. It is an inviting and evocative space which has high energy and the latest of club amenities. We think it lacks some more private areas, as some clubs have, but their booths are more than sufficient, and have great views of the dance floor and DJs.

Notes: The Aria has a connection to its own monorail, which runs between the Park MGM and Aria, the Crystal Shops, and the Bellagio. This free transportation is clean and quick, and a great way of getting around the Strip. It may not have the best range, but is a fun ride and saves time.

Park MGM

At a glance: Replacing the Monte Carlo, Park MGM is the latest hotel and casino on the Strip. Combining metropolitan décor and interesting venues, they have carved a niche as a fun, accommodating, and well-priced property. Centrally located, they are a great staging ground for your trip, keeping a high energy without being over-crowded and loud. Park MGM is an MGM property and part of the M Life Rewards network.

In full: The Park MGM is not a mere name change of the old Monte Carlo. The entire property has been refurbished, with new additions, and new rooms. The décor is almost a New York, or metropolitan theme, a sort of Central Park vibe. That may explain the odd tree root art that comes from the ceiling in the main lobby.

In our experience, traffic is fairly light at the Park MGM, which may or may not be a good thing depending on your tastes. We like it. As a matter of fact, we like the Park MGM.

The hotel rooms are quite nice, and the bathrooms modern. The art is a little eclectic, but I don’t think anyone really cares about the pictures on the wall. The outside pool area is also nice, but certainly not as grand as some other hotels. It won’t hold a candle to Mandalay Bay Beach, or even Caesars Palace with their seven pools. But it serves, and has an enclosed feel that is almost protective.

Sadly, as part of the upgrades, the Park MGM tore down Diablo’s Cantina. Goodbye devil girl, we will miss you. In its place, the new Eataly was built along with additional convention space.

Eataly is a food pavilion in the tradition of Italian markets. You can find a selection of specialized shops, including a butcher. But a cut of meat here, and the steakhouse can cook it up. Everything has a bright and fresh feel, but not everything is worth the price.

Other additions were the new On the Record nightclub. A fun spot, this is almost a British music hall, or throwback to the 70s. They even have a double-decker bus turned into a bar on their patio. It is a great club that is a bit more subdued than some venues, meaning it fits well with the expected guests.

Although the rooms are quite nice, there does seem to be a lack of suites, or upper tier products. Maybe we just haven’t been invited to scope them out, yet.

There is no buffet at the Park MGM, but there are several very good restaurants, and a Starbucks on the ground floor. They even have a bit of a destination restaurant with Roy Choi’s Best Friend, a cool, modern joint that is the ultimate form of his food truck roots.

If that is not enough, you are in luck. The Park MGM is directly connected to the Aria at City Center. Here you can find the Aria Buffet, which is one of our top three favorites in Las Vegas.

Notes: The Park MGM has a connection to its own monorail, which runs between the Park MGM and Aria, to the Crystal Shops, and the Bellagio. This free transportation is clean and quick, and a great way of getting around the Strip. It may not have the best range, but is a fun ride and saves time.

Caesars Palace

At a glance: The iconic Caesars Palace Las Vegas is a pillar of the Strip, and a must for any visit to Sin City. With multiple hotel towers catering to different tastes, and a massive casino floor, you won’t be able to see it all in one visit. There is great shopping at the Forum Shoppes, and the largest buffet in Vegas at the Bacchanal. Not to mention some amazing pools that range from family-friendly to adult. Caesars Palace is part of the Total Rewards network.

In full: You will not go wrong if you stay, dine, or game at Caesars Palace. This long standing property has remained one of the preeminent casino and resort hotels in Las Vegas since the time of the Stardust. Upgraded and expanded over time, the massive resort offers numerous hotel towers, an expansive casino floor, and access to its own mall at the Forum Shoppes.

From the grand entry that leads to a lobby truly fit for Caesar, the only concern for a first-time visitor should be how to get around. The layout of the resort is considered confusing, and people do get lost. It may seem silly, but it is good to identify some key landmarks to help navigate. Look for a restaurant you recognize, or the sportsbook, or anything to remind you which way to go.

Everything has signs, so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. At worst, you will only have to walk an extra five minutes to find your tower, or the Bacchanal.

And that leads us to dining. If you do not know of the Bacchanal Buffet, we suggest you do some research. This is a massive buffet with over 500 items on the menu, and the largest in Las Vegas. It is often touted as the best buffet, but we feel there are better options. Instead, the Bacchanal is an experience that everyone should try at least once.

The only real problem with the Bacchanal is the wait time. There is always a line, which can be as much as two hours. Purchasing a fastpass is not a bad idea. Or, if you an appropriate tier of the Total Rewards network, you can get priority seating for free.

Rooms at Caesars Palace are based on the particular tower, with an assortment of super-luxury villas. Some of the nicest rooms in Las Vegas are here, whether the penthouse at the Nobu Tower, or the Titus Villa. Of course, expect to pay someone’s yearly salary for just one night at some of these options.

Caesars Palace also has one of the most interesting pool areas of any of the big resorts. It may not be the Mandalay Bay Beach, but the Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis has seven distinct areas. You can read about it here (

Although there are a few shops and restaurants right off the casino floor, guests will want to walk over to the Forum Shoppes, which is the most profitable mall in the United States. Filled with wonderful stores, luxury brands, and beautiful Roman décor, this mall is well worth a walk-through. You can even catch a free showing of the Fall of Atlantis, an animatronic spectacle filled with great effects. We’ve seen it a dozen times, and still can’t make out half the words.

The only real problem with the Forum Shoppes is the food court. It exists more in theory, with a few fast dining establishments. Mostly, you will find great sit-down restaurants, and they are spread through the mall. It would be nice if there was a place to get some quick fries.

Notes: Caesars Entertainment, the parent company, is set to be bought by Eldorado. The purchase has not yet happened, but may affect certain properties. We will keep you posted if anything changes.

Additionally, we need to write up a full tower guide for Caesars Palace, but here are some quick tips when choosing where to stay.

  • Roman: close to the pool.
  • Palace: also close to the pool.
  • Forum: close to the Forum Shoppes.
  • Augustus: close to the lobby.
  • Octavius: also close to the lobby.
  • Nobu: premier suites, with added amenities.


At a glance: This is an often overlooked casino hotel which provides great value, a central location, and an active scene. In close proximity to all the casinos and resorts, Bally’s does well to offer its own unique benefits. You will find the Stirling Brunch here, which is a very special Sunday only buffet that serves all-you-can-eat lobster, and Bloody Marys. Bally’s is part of the Total Rewards network.

In full: This is a smaller property on the Las Vegas Strip. It is not as grand, or pretentious as some, but is also not as thematic or interesting. Quite frankly, we hear a lot of people forget it exists. The sort of street market outside, facing the Strip, does not help. Most traffic walks past without a second thought.

That is unfortunate, as Bally’s has a certain charm and offers some unique advantages and attractions. First, we can be honest. Bally’s is unassuming. If you want to walk from your room through the casino and then over to the pool in flip-flops, an American flag towel, with a pack of screaming kids behind you, no one will stop you. It might get some glares, but this is more or less the truth.

That can be good, or bad, depending on the type of trip you are after.

The prices are generally pretty low, and there are often some great deals if you are a savvy shopper. You will also find it easier to get comps here if you gamble.

The pool area is not particularly special, but will satisfy your needs. No one should complain, especially since it is not a real selling point. You come here for a decent room in the heart of the Strip. Maybe you gamble here, or you go somewhere else. A direct connection leads to Paris, and your are a hop, skip, and a jump away from anything else on the Strip.

What we like is the Stirling Brunch. Yes, we know, there are great restaurants at Bally’s. And they are great. They deserve a write-up for each of them. But the big draw is the Brunch. This happens every Sunday, and may require a reservation months in advance. It is a bit pricey, too, and will cost over $100 per person. That is more than the Bacchanal Buffet, making this the most expensive buffet.

But you will get all-you-can-eat lobster extravaganza, along with a Bloody Mary bar, other delicious foods, and a truly great selection of desserts. If you want to try something special and are in town over the weekend, this is our recommendation.

Notes: On the lighter side, the escalator for the pedestrian bridge outside Bally’s has a 50/50 chance of being out of service.


At a glance: When people think of Las Vegas, they likely picture the Bellagio fountain blowing its jets of water high into the air. Or, maybe Ocean’s Eleven. But the Bellagio is also a beautiful and popular property, with a wonderful hotel, pool area, casino, and shopping arcade. The food is great, the views spectacular, and the service on point. This is a premier property, and one of the best. The Bellagio is part of the M Life Rewards netowrk.

In full: The Bellagio has a sumptuous theme inspired by Italian design, most taken from the town of the same name near Lake Como. A larger property, it manages to do everything on a grand scale, from the impressive entrance, to the lobby, to the near endless casino floor.

Rooms range from decent to extravagant, and will fit any budget. It is also fairly easy to find discounts for the Bellagio, and they do their best to keep the hotel packed. If anything, that is our only complaint. This large resort hotel is always busy, and we mean busy. As large as the lobby is, it is often hard to navigate, and frequently standing room only.

Of course, that means the casino is packed. So if you like the energy and activity of filled tables, and blaring slots, then this is a good bet.

The pool area is quite nice, and ensconced by the hotel on all sides. People will find it easy to relax and enjoy themselves. Work on that Vegas tan while you enjoy a mimosa. You will find the staff is thorough and attentive, so you will not need to wait for another drink, or worry about a towel.

There are a number of good restaurants at the Bellagio, and they may be better options than the buffet. The cleverly named The Buffet was once considered a highlight of any Vegas experience, but has been overshadowed by others. The food is reasonable, but nothing special, and lacks certain items which have become standard at that price-point. There is no ice cream or gelato, only soft serve. There is little creative fare, like fresh made tacos, gyros, or elaborate dim sum. The only thing we really like is the self-serve drinks, since you never have to wait for a refill that never comes.

The Bellagio also has a conservatory which open free to the public. The displays are changed seasonally and for holidays, or events, and include whimsical dioramas made with flowers. This is a great and quick place to stop by for a picture.

What fewer people know, the Bellagio also hosts art exhibits. You will need to check the schedule to see if anything is available, but there are many worthwhile collections which are brought in for display. You will need to pay the price of admission, but it is generally worth it.

Notes: The Bellagio is connected by monorail to the Crystal Shops, and the Park MGM and Aria. This is a great way to get around the Strip, and lets you go on foot to many destinations. Plus, it is free.

Circus Circus

Circus Circus, in the night,
Tubes of neon burning bright;
What immortal hand or eye,
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?
Adapted from The Tyger by William Blake

At a glance: Circus Circus is an odd duck. Billed as a family-friendly hotel and casino, it has a circus theme that is meant to appeal to younger children. An older property, it is considered part of Las Vegas tradition, and has an interesting history worth investigating. The Adventuredome is a small theme park attached to the hotel with rides and amusements. Circus Circus is part of MGM Resorts International, and part of the M Life Rewards network.

In full: We have been told Circus Circus loses $500,000 every day. That should help you understand this property and put in perspective.

Admittedly, we are not big fans of clowns. We are not fans of the circus, either. But we do like the MGM network of properties. We don’t want to talk smack. But Circus Circus is not a good experience in our book, and most reviewers just try to be nice and treat it with kid gloves.

People will say it is family-friendly, and a great place for kids. It has a theme park. It has circus acts and performers that do shows right there in the hotel. Well, the Adventuredome, when it is even open, is pretty sad. Any kid would be better served going to the closest Six Flags. And I have yet to find a kid that likes the circus in this day and age. Not to mention the creepy clown.

The actual property looks quite old, with the outside faded, the design dated, and the mood grim. Employees are not dressed in suits or uniforms, but red polo shirts, like they might be restocking your local grocery store. The stores are on the cheaper side, and the food is low-market.

Even the buffet is one step down from the Golden Corral. Of course, it does have hot dogs and chicken tenders for the kids. Sometimes, they even have grilled cheese sandwiches.

They do offer a unique service, which is an RV park. If you have driven into Las Vegas, this might be a necessary stop for you. But even then, we would recommend any of the area Walmarts, which are friendly to RVs.

Now, we don’t want this to seem like a hit piece, or that we are attacking Circus Circus for providing service to families, or those on a budget. We just think there are better options, and even cheaper options.

Notes: The mascot is actually not a demon, but Lucky the Clown.


At a glance: The Cosmopolitan is a suave and sophisticated Strip hotel and casino that caters to an energetic crowd. A place to see and be seen, everything here is trendy, up-market, and statement-making. Rooms with actual balconies are a selling point, and the views are some of the best. The Cosmo is home of the Wicked Spoon buffet, Marquee day and nightclub, and the Chandelier bar. It is an independent casino property and not part of any network.

In full: If you have style, and are flush with cash, the Cosmopolitan is one of the best choices for your stay in Vegas. The rooms are quite nice, and suites are available if you want some pampering. The service is excellent, too, and the over-all style is modern, creative, and notable.

Many people love gambling at the Cosmo because the table games are on display. It is easy to gather a crowd if you are on a hot streak, and their attention and cheers will keep your run going. That is how it works, right? Regardless, there always seems to be life and energy in the Cosmo casino, which is nice. No one wants to lose money alone.

But there are many benefits at Cosmo. The big draw is the Wicked Spoon, a wonderful and top-quality buffet that draws people from across town. With many fun, creative dishes on offer, this is not a simple buffet of fried chicken and mashed potatoes, but gourmet food that will please. They also have a great dessert section, with some delicious raspberry sorbet.

If the buffet is not enough, they have recently added Block 16. This is a fancy food court that offers some great flavors. Almost with a nightmarket vibe, the feel is interesting, inviting, and lets you gaze and graze. It is actually a nice option if you are stumbling back to your room and realize you need a little snack. We recommend Hattie B’s, which serves up some great Nashville fried chicken.

And don’t forget the secret Ghost Donkey Bar.

But even before Block 16, there was Eggslut. If you are looking for a bit of a breakfast pick-me-up, Eggslut has you covered. The name might be a bit bold, but the taste and price is great. This is a much better idea than crossing the Strip to the McD’s to get your Egg McMuffin.

And if you need another secret, try Secret Pizza. This hardly-hidden destination is a well received pizza joint down a long corridor. People love the idea of coming here, so the marketing worked. Honestly, there are better pies you can get, but sometimes the best pizza is the one right in front of you, when you know where to look.

But we don’t live on food alone. The Cosmo also has one of the better regarded clubs. Marquee is both a day and nightclub, serving up a great space that is perfect for lounging, dancing, drinking, and leering. I guess there is music too, but we can hardly hear it over the music.

If you don’t want the full dayclub experience, the Cosmopolitan has its own pool area for guests that is something special. Split into districts, each area provides different swimming options, but the same great view.

The Boulevard Pool is the real winner, and offers Dive in Movies. These weekly screenings of classic and new films are a great way to enjoy the outdoors. Get yourself a cabana or daybed, and order some food to better enjoy the movie. You can even have some truly inspired cocktails like the Han Solo.

If you need to cool off after all that, the landmark Chandelier bar is an excellent stop. There is no real point in describing it. Just go and see for yourself. The prices are high, but the ambiance is worth the cost. Stake out a table, and toast your successes. People will see you and be super jelly.

Notes: People overlook the small vending machines that look like they might dish out a pack of cigarettes. These are actually art-o-matic vending machines, which have little pieces of art you can buy. They don’t cost much, and are interesting little keepsakes. Plus, they may even be worth what you paid for them in 100 years.

MGM Grand

At a glance: The MGM Grand is well-named. It is a big property that offers everything. The casino goes on and on, the rooms are nice and varied. The food and shopping is excellent. And it even has a monorail connection, reaching as far as the Convention Center past the SLS (Sahara now). You may be surprised, but it is an MGM property, and part of the M Life Rewards network.

In full: Look for the golden lion. It will stand out from the green, emerald-city like property. This is the MGM Grand, a stately and elite casino resort anchoring the South Strip.

The hotel has an interesting history, and was originally at a different location, not that it much matters. You probably want to know about the rooms and other amenities. Well, they are (puts on dad-joke face) Grand.

For a larger casino hotel, we like how the rooms are actually centrally located. No towers to find within a maze of corridors. It is all in one spot. The rooms range in size and quality, but are all nicely upgraded and modern. Perhaps, they are a tad on the small size, but we don’t feel that is a true complaint. After all, most of your time is spent enjoying Las Vegas.

The MGM Grand has many dining options which range from a food court to actual Michelin Star restaurants. Their buffet is surprisingly average, but is not even needed with everything else available. It almost seems like an afterthought, or something that was expected of them.

Regardless, they have you covered. Plus, you can head over to the Fat Tuesday to get your novelty sized cup refilled. You do have your cup, already? Right?

The casino floor is quite nice, and even though it is very large, has been separated by having long arms trailing off into different parts of the property. This means that it never seems to big, or too small. You can find the crowds easily, or stake a claim on some hidden corner. Whatever suits you.

The entertainment at MGM Grand is also top notch. You have David Copperfield, Jabbawokeez, and Cirque du Soleil shows. They even have Brad Garret in his own comedy club. They put him in the basement. He’ll tell you all about it.

The MGM Grand has even gone modern with their Level Up Lounge. This is a gaming area that caters to a hip crowd. They even have virtual reality experiences which are quite fun, and updated with the newest technology.

Down at the far end, near the pool area, they even have CSI: The Experience, and the CBS Television City Research Center. If that is not enough, hit up TopGolf.

As we mentioned, there is a pool area. The MGM Grand has a pretty nice pool area, too. It is extensive, and has everything you want. Great for relaxing, getting sun, and cooling off.

The real attraction is the MGM Lazy River. The massive pool complex is almost an entire water park, and will be a great place to have some fun and float about.

But if you want to party, then you are in luck. MGM Grand has one of the best clubs in Las Vegas. At Hakkasan, you will have access to some of the best Djs and lineups available. The nights are always pumping, and the shows incredible, with great effects and energy. Their newly added The Grid kinetic light sculpture has to be seen, and adds a new dimension to the dance floor as it responds to the music like a living thing.

Notes: The MGM Grand is the South terminal for the Las Vegas Monorail. This can take you to many Strip locations, and reaches as far as the Convention Center. The best way of getting around the Strip, the monorail is fairly cheap, and day or week-long passes are always a great deal.


At a glance: The Elara is a Hilton Grand Vacations hotel and timeshare. There is a great mix of rooms, and amenities, with some pretty nice views. The selling point is its immediate connection with the Miracle Mile mall, which provides a rich variety of shops, restaurants, and entertainment. The pool is minimal but sufficient, and the location excellent.

In full: We like the Elara. It is not a casino, and doesn’t need to be. You come here for great rooms, a great location, and access to the rest of Vegas. Indeed, when staying here, you don’t have to worry about the riff-raff. They won’t even wander in to be a bother. It is quiet, clean, and a great value.

Most people don’t consider the Elara because it is not a casino property. But the truth is, you can easily walk over to any casino you want. They can’t stop you. Your room choice should only be about getting what you want and need. And Elara has the basics covered.

In fact, dollar for dollar, Elara offers a better room value than most Strip locations. It doesn’t cost much to get separate bedrooms with full en-suites. Plus, everything is kept nicely modern, with frequent upgrades. At the very least, Hilton knows hot to hotel, and manage this location quite well.

The access to the Miracle Mile is also a big plus. You can get everything here from your Chipotle burrito, to expensive art. And the Zappos theater is a great venue for shows and entertainment.

The interior landscapes of the Miracle Mile are also quite lovely. They might not be as impressive as the Venetian Las Vegas, but are still on the same tier.

If you need any mall recommendations, try the Tipsy Robot for some non-handcrafted drinks. You can also check out Ocean One Grill for their $5 lunch entrees. This is probably the best lunch value in the area, if not all of Las Vegas. You can even hit up La Salsa Cantina for breakfast. Enjoy their 99¢ Bloody Mary deal.

We would also point out the direct connection Elara has to Planet Hollywood. In fact, it would be hard to get to the Strip from Elara without walking past, or through their casino floor. This means everything at Planet Hollywood is more-or-less at Elara, including their Spice Market Buffet.


At a glance: Luxor, with its unique pyramid shape, is an obvious landmark on the Las Vegas Strip, and known throughout the world. The interior space creates an interesting area for shops, restaurants, and the casino floor. Rooms are a bit in need of a remodel, but this is a low-cost casino that has quick access by tram to Mandalay Bay and Excalibur. It is an MGM property and part of the M Life Rewards network.

In full: Luxor is a great value, and caters to some specific niche interests.

We believe the property is in need of a face-lift, or some considerable overhaul. Rooms need substantial upgrades, and management needs to decide if they are keeping the Egyptian theme, or throwing it to the curb. Right now, things are up in the air.

The Luxor does offer good value, though, with reasonable rates and amenities. It is also an LGBT-friendly resort. They have made strides to provide a safe and inclusive experience for all guests. Of course, most of the LGBT community goes to Mandalay Bay, so these overtures, as nice as they are, are often overlooked.

There is also a new eSports complex. The HyperX eSports Arena is a national level venue for gaming, tournaments, and general fun. MGM is betting on the growing market of eSports, and this is their first foray into the competitive world of tournaments and ladders for professional gaming. There is often streaming and casting going on, which is interesting if you are even a casual player. Who knows, you might spot a YouTube or Twitch celebrity.

You can also take advantage of an assortment of other perks. The Luxor offers a paid for baggage check-in/delivery service, and a professional photographer for photo shoots.

And did we mention the exhibits? Well, there is always a noteworthy exhibit to see while you visit the Luxor. Interested in the Titanic? They have artifacts from the Titanic. Interested in anatomy? They have real human bodies on display. Interested in Egypt? The Egyptian art is slowly disappearing. Overall, the exhibits are interesting, if eclectic, and are a great diversion from the boring, old Strip.

As for food, there are a number of restaurants available which range from decent to gourmet. If you don’t find something you like, you can easily check Excalibur or Mandalay Bay. The Buffet at Luxor has a wide variety on offer, but is not top quality. It will not be an experience, but a place to gorge yourself on decent food at a reasonable price. It won’t even hold a candle to the A.Y.C.E. Buffets at either Palace Station or the Palms, but is right there if you want to feast.

The majority of shopping is actually done in a clever mini-mall called the Shoppes at Mandalay Bay that spans between the Luxor and Mandalay Bay. This sky bridge has fine dining, luxury boutiques, souvenirs, and necessities. It is a great convenience for guests, and offers some interesting places to wander.

Lastly, we would mention the pool area. It is actually quite large and a decent selling point. The pool is actually not the star. It is more of a backdrop for the massive deck which includes lounge chairs and cabanas. Here, you lay out in the sun, get toasted and roasted, and maybe cool off briefly with a dip. We think it is great if you just want to unwind. But if you want activity, you will need to go to Mandalay Bay, or Caesars Palace.

Notes: A tram connects Excalibur, Luxor, and Mandalay Bay. This is a free transport which runs throughout the day, and is a great way to get around the South Strip. From the Excalibur, you can walk easily to the MGM Grand to board the Las Vegas Monorail, or go to the Park MGM to board the tram which takes you to the Crystals or Bellagio.

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