How to go clubbing in Las Vegas

The Ultimate Guide

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Is your wolf pack hitting up Vegas? Going out with the gals to get CRAZY? Then these are the basics you need to know to make the most of your time in Sin City. Following this information will lead to some great parties, and even save you money.

The first order of business is knowing where to go. Las Vegas has a variety of dayclubs, nightclubs, and more, each with their own unique features, or with performances by world-class DJs and entertainers. Knowing a little about these venues can help you choose one or more destinations for during your visit. And that will allow you to plan ahead, and get yourself on a guest list.

Two couples make a stylized and theatrical appearance in a nightclub that could only be from the avant-garde
The Butabi brothers and their new girlfriends show how to make an entrance. I give this scene 5/5. Image: A Night at the Roxbury (1998)

You will also want to know the experience you want. General admission to a club is very different from reserving a table and ordering bottle service. Getting a sunbed or cabana will also change your experience at a dayclub. Knowing what to expect, what you want, and the prices will help you determine how to plan your time out and make the most of Las Vegas.

So, let’s dig in, shall we?

What is a guest list?

Essentially, a guest list is a general admission reservation at a club. Those on the guest list pay less or no cover charge, and may have priority access, or additional benefits.

Sounds nice.

But how do you get on a guest list? Well, the easiest way is generally off the website for the venue you want to attend. Each has their own form to fill-in, which will generally provide an e-mail confirmation within 48 hours. Certain clubs may differ, but this is fairly standard. You can see how some lead time will be helpful, so plan ahead, or wind up paying at the door.

There are many promoters and additional sites on the Internet that specialize in guest lists, bottle service, table reservations, and packages. Some provide a professional and worthwhile service, while others may fall short of the goal. Despite what they say, it is not necessary to book through them, but may save money in certain situations.

Certain promoters have negotiated with clubs and venues for special accommodations for their guests. This is a good way to check to see if they provide you with an actual benefit, or are just being middlemen taking a profit off your attendance. Look to see if they offer the following:

  • Women receive free admission, and free drinks (Depending on venue).
  • Men receive free or reduced admission.
  • Men and women receive priority access.

At times, when special events are happening, and crowds are expected, it might be necessary to use a genuine promoter to get access to the guest list. If one promoter has no availability, you can check with others. Genuine promoters are frequently allotted a number of spaces, and it may be they have not yet filled their number.

Does a guest list cost money?

No. You should never pay to be on a guest list. Promoters on the street may offer VIP access for money, but this is generally a type of scam. The same goes with any on-line promoter. The guest list is merely a reservation for attendance that does not cost, and should not cost.

Additional services, such as a table reservation, bottle service, or other rental will have a price.

When to arrive

In the case of a nightclub, those on the guest list or those seeking general admission should arrive by 10:30 pm. Afterwards, the guest list is closed, meaning your reservation will not count unless the venue staff are sympathetic to your plight. If the club is not busy, you will have no problem, but if the lines are long, you might be stuck at the end and will pay a cover charge like everyone else.

In the case of dayclubs, things are a little different. The hours of operation are longer, and people tend to show up and leave more frequently. During certain performances, there may be a spike in attendance, creating long lines, so it is best to understand the schedule for your venue of choice to determine your arrival time.

Of course, you should party when you want. This is your vacation, special weekend, or getaway. Suggesting a time to arrive might help you get in before the crowds arrive, or let you use the guest list with no problems, but that might mean missing out on other activities.

Getting in

After signing up for the guest list, you should receive an e-mail or text confirmation. This will contain instructions, and may be specialized for the event. You will need to follow those instructions.

At the venue, there will be an area for check-in dedicated to those on the guest list. Approach them, give them your name, and have a valid ID ready. You should then be let to enter without trouble. Enjoy the looks from everybody in line who will have to pay at the door.

Guest list restrictions

Although guest lists are fairly standard, each venue can change them as they will, or have additional stipulations. This is seldom a problem, but does crop up during special events or holidays.

However, there are some things that never really change. Women have free admission, and men will have free or reduced admission.

Specific clubs require a 50/50 or better ratio of men-to-women for men to receive free admission.

Some venues may not have a guest lists, or at least a general admission guest list, during the most desired events. If you want in, you will need to do some work on your end, either finding a promoter with access, or making some friends that matter. In this case, it is less of a guest list, and more like tickets to any concert. Just be careful what you pay or offer for access. There are unscrupulous people out there that will attempt to sell access when they have none.

Again, to ensure your guest list reservations works without a hitch, arrive before 10:30 pm.

Those on the guest list must still adhere to any dress codes.

Tony Montana and associates enjoy the night at a reserved table at the club
What some might imagine a reserved table to be like. I give this scene 5/5. Image: Scarface (1983)

Table reservation

A better, but more expensive way, to ensure entry to the club or venue is by reserving a table. This is the ultimate VIP experience, and makes any visit to Las Vegas one to remember. We have some of the top nightclubs in the world, and the best way to enjoy them is with your own booth and bottle service.

This may be the stylish way, but it will cost. Most tables start at $1500, and can easily reach $25,000 for the best spots, during the most wanted shows.

The clubs here in Las Vegas have grown to be some of the best in the world, hosting the top DJs, live concert-like performances, and celebrity appearances. These are parties they write about in magazines, and pictures of the crowds are splashed all across Instagram.

That means there are a lot of people in attendance. There will be lines outside the club, and the dance floor will be packed. In order to actually enjoy the venue, you may need to get your own private table. No need to drown out among the general admission crowds, or fight for your drinks at the bar. You will have some of the best seating, with servers making sure you are treated right.

When getting a table, bottle service is required. Most table reservations come with some level of bottle service, but additional bottles will cost more.

Also, remember that within tiers of tables, they are seated on a first come, first serve basis. Not every table within the same grade is equal, so if you wanted the one closest to the DJ, or in a quiet niche, you will need to come early to secure your desired seat.

Bottle service

With a reserved table, you will need to order drinks, and have a minimum to purchase. The prices will vary, so consider the following:

  • Is this a special event, holiday, or show?
  • Bottles cost according to brand, and will range on average between $350 and $800 per bottle.
  • The 8% tax and 20% gratuity are not included.
  • There are drink minimums.

Many venues and promoters offer a variety of packages to cater to different parties and events. Looking at some available options will help you get an idea of what things cost, and what the minimums are for your group.

Getting bottle service is a luxury, and a way to look good and feel good while having the time of your life in Las Vegas. VIP hospitality services are increasingly popular, and the industry has grown extensively. More people want to have an experience at a leading club, and venues provide better service.

Like with the guest list, you can use the official site for the venue of your choice to reserve a table and discuss packages and bottle service. Typically, you will be able to speak directly with a host who will be happy to guide you through their options and get you the experience you want.

On-line, you can even find groups wanting to share bottle service. This is a great way for costs to be split, and to meet and connect with others people on your trip.

We would also note that the primary purchaser should speak with their host to make clear they are the ones to authorize additional purchases. It is a common enough problem that tables attract hangers on, party girls, or uninvited guests. Additional bottles may be ordered, and without knowing, huge costs incurred. Expressly authorizing bottle and drink purchases is the best way to avoid disaster.

The benefits of table service

You got into the club, now look like a rockstar.

When you get a private table, you have a space to call home. This is your area, a home base, and a place to be seen like the VIP you are. Get up and dance, mingle with the crowd, and never feel like you’re in a mosh pit. And it is nice to have a seat. Relax, listen to the music, have a sip of champagne. It is all about you and having a good time.

Getting a table also makes it easier to find friends. Invite them to come party with you, and have a blast. You might even meet someone at the club.

Table service is also up-market. It costs. Not everyone will, or can, get a table, especially on crowdd nights. This means you will be noticed.

When you have a table, that means you are cared for by waitresses, bussers, and security. They are there to help you have a great night, and will solve all your problems. Don’t bother with the bar, since the drinks come to you.

Ordering or reserving bottle service

Let’s get real. The clubs in Las Vegas are in demand, and the tables, despite their expense, are often sold out. That means it isn’t always easy to get what you want, unless you plan ahead. For certain events, you might need to reserve your table months in advance.

If you are a repeat customer, you might have an in. We recommend developing a rapport with your host and telling them whenever you will be in town. They may even offer you a special, or get you a table on a busy night.

Speaking with your host is the best way to plan for any party. They are happy to sell you any package, but can also work with you if there are special requirements. You can be up front, and tell them what you want, like a certain selection of beverages, or specific number of bottles. You can even plan when to bring out what. This is especially good if you want to order rounds of complex drinks. Bartenders can have them prepared and ready at specific times to bring to your table, making sure you keep the party going. But that does require some forethought.

Regardless, your host will be the primary point of contact when arranging bottle service. And just like with anyone, being personable and charming goes a long way to getting the most.

The best clubs for VIPs

This really depends on what you want, what you want to spend, and when you go.

For nightclubs, there is a big difference between the tiers of tables. Some venues may even offer an owner’s suite, or villa, which is on an entirely different level, and comes with a matching price.

But even the cheapest table will treat you like a king or queen if you are having a good time with friends, listening to great music.

We are quite partial to Hakkasan and Marquee, but if you pay, any club will provide you the VIP experience. In the cases where you want to make a splash, go where the crowds are. Look for popular DJs. Or ask a host and see what they offer.

The best bottle service tips

  • Like most things, being a big spender will secure better service. Your host will do more to cater to your needs if you set a higher spend limit, or go for the big packages. At times, this means choosing your table in advance, or better access.
  • Although there is a minimum spend, it is very difficult to be under. Expect to spend 50% over your minimum at the least. Those added shots, champagne toast, and last beer add up.
  • Designate only one person with the ability to order additional drinks, and make sure your host and any waitresses know who they are.
  • Ask for deals, specials, and discounts. It never hurts, and if you tip generously and have even basic social skills, you can get some sweet savings from your host.
  • Small clubs are not worse than megaclubs. Each offers their own experience and vibe. Sometimes it is harder to stand out in a giant crowd. Understand what you want from the night, and make your choices accordingly. Las Vegas has something for everyone.
  • Plan ahead, and order in advance. The longer you wait, the less likely you are to get a table, or to get on the guest list.


Now, getting a table and bottle service is expensive. It won’t be for everyone, and you don’t have to feel ashamed if you are paying cover at the door. This is your time, and it is about having fun. Even as general admission, someone might invite you over.

Consider this when you are in da club and asked over to a table:

  • The VIP area is for VIPs. Even if your best friend is right there, you must be invited to sit down to join them.
  • If you are invited into the VIP area, know who paid for the table, and introduce yourself to them. Only sit if they say it is okay.
  • If you were invited over, that doesn’t mean you get to drink. Only drink if they give you permission.
  • Don’t spread out in the booth, or make it hard for others to pass. Don’t go from booth to booth. Just because you were invited over doesn’t mean you have the run of the place. Security might kindly uninvite you if there are complaints.
  • You will be drinking, so getting a little loose and tipsy is expected. But be careful with your drinks and bottles. Try not to spill them or knock them over. The last thing you want is to get up so the seats can be swept clean of broken glass.
  • If you are invited to a table, you can always pay for a bottle in gratitude. This is a great way of saying thank you, and to keep the party going.

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