Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis at Caesars Palace

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Ceasars Palace is a sprawling property that doesn’t skimp. If you have had a look at the Bacchanal Buffet, you know just what we’re talking about. This vast, seven-pool complex provides a number of areas, each unique, covering 4.5 acres of crystal blue water, gurgling fountain, and gorgeous landscaping.

To make the most of the Garden of the Gods, you need to know what is exactly on offer.

The Neptune Pool with a lot of happy poolgoers
The Neptune Pool looking toward the Temple Pool in the distance. I give the composition 5/5.

The Temple Pool is great for rest and relaxation, set aside for those who want some peace and pampering. Frequently, you can see people fresh from the spa enjoying their after-massage glow here.

The Fortuna Pool provides swim-up blackjack which caters to the spirit of Las Vegas. There is no better place to get your drinks comped than here. Who knows? You might even win.

Family Friendly

Caesars Palace is a Las Vegas destination, and one of the only true hotel resorts on the Strip. Catering to everyone, it can serve newlyweds for a honeymoon, lads for a weekend getaway, or families on vacation. As such, it offers one of the most comprehensive family friendly pools available, with dedicated spaces that can keep children entertained without feeling too separated from the action.

The Jupiter Pool is set aside for children and parents. It is best for younger children, but some tweens might feel a little relegated to the kiddy pool if you keep them here too long.

Although the Jupiter Pool is specifically made to be family friendly, other areas of the Garden of the Gods are geared for children. The layout does its best to avoid exposing children to revelers, but parent’s should still be mindful. After all, they are in Sin City.

The Neptune Pool has live DJs and is typically crowded and active. This is where the parties happen, and where things can get a little out of hand. Drinks service is a little slow, so we recommend some patience or sending someone to the bar.

If you are a highroller, you can access the luxury VIP Bacchus Pool, which has the best service around. I have never seen it crowded, but hear special events can get a bit wild.

A remarkably sterile map compared to the pool oasis itself. I give the attempt 5/5. Image: Caesars

The Apollo Pool has backyard barbecue, fun and games, which makes it a popular option, especially for stopping by as you make the rounds. This is a great hub for friends who are here to have a great time. Just remember to drink responsibly.

Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis, Daily, 9 am- 5 pm, $20;

21+ Adults only

The Venus Pool and associated lounge is adults-only, and provides an intimate experience for both couples and singles. There’s not much more we can say without losing our PG rating.

Venus Pool, daily, 10 am-8 pm; Monday-Wednesday, $20; Thursday-Sunday, $20 women, $30 men; 702-731-7266.

Author’s recommendations

If you are looking for something special, talk to the concierge and see about specials provided for the Venus Pool. It might cost a little extra, but will certainly make your stay more memorable.

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