The Las Vegas Ultimate Pool Guide

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Trying to cope with the desert heat and blistering sun? Las Vegas has you covered with the best selection of pools and day clubs, from the finest resorts all the way to community pools. Whether it is a family outing that needs to be kid friendly, a luxurious day of rest and relaxation, or a party where you want to see and be seen, there is something aquatic for everyone – if you know where to look.

Our guide will help you figure out what Las Vegas offers, and where to go to get it.

Of course, you need to be honest with what you are about, especially your budget. The private cabana at the hottest day club will burn through your bankroll, especially when looking for bottle service and a few noshes to keep you and yours happy while the DJ spins. Even the moderately priced pools can rack up quite the cost, so be careful if you need to budget.

For those new to the scene, it is important to know the basics.

Pools are just what you would expect, and are found at most hotels. They will include areas to splash and play, jacuzzies, and lounge chairs, daybeds, and cabanas, and offer at times sprawling landscapes that have to be seen to be believed. We recommend Mandalay Bay Beach as our number one go-to.

However, pools are quite different from day clubs, which tend to host the parties which have helped secure Las Vegas its naughty reputation. Most resorts offer both pool areas for guests, and cost plus day clubs which go the extra mile. And sometimes, pools will host events that more or less make them a day club for the duration.

Families are most likely to enjoy the pools, while those with more adult interests will want to hit up the day clubs more often than not.

Most day clubs offer recognizable DJs and special events which can attract some impressive crowds. It’s not uncommon to see a celebrity. But be ready to drink and be merry, and get a little frisky.

Of course, not all day clubs go after the same market. Some cater to a younger crowd, while others help you flaunt your money. Some even focus on the music, attracting the best talent around.

If that’s not enough to confuse you, keep in mind that the money you spend at pools and day clubs can still earn you comps, often at great rates. If you prefer one network over another, it might make sense to use MGM properties, or Caesars Entertainment.

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