The Tank at Golden Nugget

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Golden Nugget is dead center of the famous Freemont Street, and one of the remaining landmarks of an older Las Vegas. But don’t get us wrong, it is updated and modern, and blends well with the needs of the hep and fresh.

There is quite a lot packed into this tight area, and it is close to capacity throughout pool season. If you hate tight spaces and large crowds, it might not be the place for you. The surrounding walls can get to some people, as the pool area is surrounded by the resort in something like a well, but others enjoy how the Tank is more vertical than other pools, offering something unique.

We love the waterfalls. They add a certain charm that you can’t find elsewhere. I give the water slide through the shark tank 5/5. Image: Golden Nugget
Family Friendly

The Tank at Golden Nugget is considered a great pool for families. The shark tank and water-slide are big highlights for the kids, the enclosed area lets you keep an eye on the tykes, and the 21-plus pool on the third-floor helps to separate intentions.

Of course, a 200,000-gallon shark tank aquarium dominates, and provides a bit of spectacle while you lounge in the hot sun. Complete with a 30-foot water-slide that cuts right through the shark tank, you can get close to danger without putting anything at risk. If you want to get even closer, schedule a tour with the staff marine biologists (1:30 pm Wednesday and Sunday, $50).

If education and animals are not interesting to you, climb to the third-floor of the multi-story pool, and enjoy the 21-plus pool, Hideout.

We recommend splurging on a cabana to use as your base of operations. They offer you a bit of privacy without being cut off from the action, and it is much easier to get service from the staff in case you need anything for your family.

Daily, 9 am-7 pm; slide & Hideout, 10 am-6 pm; Monday-Thursday, Free for hotel guests, otherwise $25; Friday-Sunday, Free for hotel guests, otherwise $35; 702-385-7111.

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