The Spa at Encore

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Las Vegas is home to some of the greatest resorts, and that includes world renowned spas. And there are few spas that offer more than The Spa at Encore at Encore Las Vegas.

Part of Wynn Las Vegas, this spa is the place to visit when you come to Sin City. The incredible treatments and purely indulgent setting have earned it five stars from The Forbes Travel Guide, confirming its elite status.

Bathing pools at The Spa at Encore
We feel relaxed just by looking at the design of the bathing area. I give a day at the spa 5/5. Image: tripadvisor
A corridor at The Spa at Encore, with golden lamps, vases, and a peacock statue
What might have just been a corridor anywhere else, to meet your expectations. I give the peacock 5/5. Encore

Entering into The Spa at Encore at The Encore in Las Vegas is part of your rejuvenation. The décor captures the feel of a traditional Asian spa, with the refinery of a European palace. Gender separated sitting rooms provide a pleasant waiting area before you are led to treatment rooms. The pathway of golden lanterns guide you through the spa, and help put you at ease.

The East-Asian ambiance includes life-sized Buddhas, intricate wall coverings, and beautiful orchids. The design is carried through all parts of the spa, from the large saunas to the steam room, and throughout the relaxation areas. Everything is kept bright and airy, including the Jacuzzi and shower areas. Large skylights let in the hot desert sun, and seem to enervate you as you rest.

We like the assorted showers, each offering a different experience; choose from a waterfall treatment, classic shower, downpour, and many more. It’s better than a pillow menu.

An imaginative and luxuriant 'Eastern' themed sitting area in The Spa at Encore
Inspired by the imagination of the East to comfort your every restless. I give the throw pillows 5/5. tripadvisor

The spa focuses on healing treatments, such as the exclusive Good Luck Ritual. Based on the five Chinese elements, it promote happiness and well-being. We don’t know how well the magic works, but it does include a massage, foot treatment, hand therapy and scalp therapy which is sure to take away your stress and leave you fresh. There is also an Oxygen-Infused Facial. This one infuses vitamins, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid into your skin, making you look and feel younger. We hear it is better than any exfoliating treatment, and doesn’t stress the skin.

The Bodhi Massage and Visualization is a real treat, and fits well with those that need a spiritual element in their treatment. Focusing on opening up your chakras, or seven main energy centers, you will reconnect with your body. Combining a unique light therapy treatment with aromatherapy, energy work and massage relaxed and calm the mind and body, letting you heal from the inside out. The treatment ends with a guided visualization practice that is sure to set you right.

The Spa at Encore is open daily from 7 am to 8 pm.


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