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The Ultimate Guide

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Las Vegas is as much a culinary destination as it is a mecca of gambling. If the slots and tables don’t treat you right, there is always a bit of food to make you a winner. From the buffet to the gourmet, this town has something that fits. And when it comes to red meat, whether a prime piece of steak on the table, charred to perfection, or bone-in-tomahawk that could club a dinosaur, we are spoiled for options.

From across the Valley, there’s a steakhouse for every taste and any budget, and no few that cater to the VIP in true Vegas tradition. As a city, we host seven establishments serving genuine Kobe beef, direct from Japan’s Hyōgo Prefecture. That is $75 an ounce, and worth every penny. But don’t think we lost our roots, since we have some old-school cool serving some true Las Vegas favorites.

A cut of bone-in raw steak with rosemary on the sides
A steak cooked to perfection. I give red meat 5/5. Image: Jez Timms

So here’s a look at what Sin City has to offer when it comes to steak. But be careful, this list will leave you hankering for some burnt ends, rib-eyes, and New York strips.

On The Strip

The Strip has become the center of Las Vegas, dominated by massive casinos and hotels. Restaurants, shops, and entertainment abounds. And all it takes is a walk along Las Vegas Boulevard to go from one to the next. While you are there, try any of these steakhouses if you’re looking to whet your appetite.

BLT Steak

At a glance: Located at Bally’s Las Vegas, this steakhouse is a great choice for the centrally located. Their selection of naturally raised Black Angus, USDA Prime beef and American wagyu set them apart from the pack. We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the Gruyère-laced popovers, which are customer favorites.

In full: BLT Steak is a modern interpretation of the American Steakhouse, and combines a bistro ambiance with classic steakhouse fare. The signature popovers are only an invitation to try their acclaimed selection of steaks, fresh seafood, satisfying sides and creative desserts.

A weekly Blackboard Menu features specials that highlight seasonal flavors and local ingredients, and spotlight the talent of their chefs. It is easy to complete a meal from an extensive selection of award-winning wines, with more than 300 options, including Old World selections from the regions of Burgundy, Bordeaux, Piedmont, Tuscany, Rioja and many others. Or, go bold with a classic cocktail from their hand-crafted menu.

Not enough can be said about their renowned popovers—airy, warm Gruyère-laced puffs of dough—with the recipe available to attempt them at home.

For social engagements, the curving bar and lounge are great for lunch meetings, while traditional diners can be served in the main dining room. The décor is dominated by rich woods and a back drop of warm neutral tones, with polished stainless steel accents, and hints of amber and tangerine.


702 967 4661

BLT Steak

Morels French Steakhouse & Bistro

At a glance: Morels is a hidden gem, tucked away in the labyrinth known as the Palazzo at the Venetian Las Vegas. If you can find it, their menu features both wet- and dry-aged steaks, grilled on a 1,200-degree broiler. While you eat, you can enjoy the bustling view of the Boulevard-facing patio.

In full: Morels French Steakhouse & Bistro merges classic steakhouse with unique flourishes that draw from culinary techniques not too common to the Strip, such as their high-heat broiler, and the very selection of their cuts.

If you are looking for a selection of flavors, their iced seafood bar and a cheese and charcuterie bar offer more than 60 farmhouse and artisanal cheeses from around the world. Not to mention their handmade salamis and meats. Morels boasts more than 400 varieties of French and California vintages, and 60 wines by the glass, making it the place if you want to toast your successes.

Serving both wet- and dry-aged steaks, they are only outdone by their delectable array of desserts. They also include a myriad of handcrafted cocktails that add a bit of the dramatic to any experience.

We recommend the outdoor patio seating, which provides a stunning view of the Las Vegas Strip. But if the weather is not fitting your mood, the steakhouse offers a plush lounge interior that will keep you comfortable and provide you ample privacy.


702 607 6333

Morels French Steakhouse & Bistro

Oakville Steakhouse

At a glance: Billing itself as a Napa Valley inspired steakhouse, Oakville is one of the lesser known establishments tucked away in the Tropicana Hotel and Resort. California wines go well with their selection of USDA Prime steaks and Australian Tajima wagyu.

In full: Although the Tropicana is an older casino in need of some upgrades, the Oakville occupies a niche that will attract a steady crowd. Seen by many to be on the pricier side for what they offer, they are worth the cost to some. Preferring business-casual to the t-shirts and sandals that pass in some other steakhouses, they manage to keep a certain quality of patron, providing a quiet and calm dining ambiance.

Though the menu is more streamlined than most, and lacks a true defining feature, it still provides some delicious options. The wagyu bolognese might seem like a travesty for some, but it is truly delicious. And if you are looking for lighter fare, we recommend the crispy skin salmon, which might even be their best item on the menu.


702 739 2376.

Oakville Steakhouse

The Palm Las Vegas

At a glance: This family-owned steakhouse offers both tradition and quality since 1926, and are known for choosing only the best marbled corn-fed Prime beef to serve their customers. The Palm lets their ingredients speak for themselves, opting only to lightly flavor their menu with olive oil, kosher salt and parsley butter.

In full: Opened in 1994, The Palm Las Vegas location was a quick favorite at Caesars Palace. They underwent a complete renovation in 2016, bringing in a more modern and light décor which customers seem to prefer, especially for a heavy lunch.

Nestled within the Forum Shops, the restaurant is close to the Colosseum at Caesars Palace, making it a great destination before or after hitting up some quality entertainment. You might even see a few stars while you dine.

As a true New York steakhouse, we would recommend their Prime New York Strip. We would also be remiss if we didn’t mention their bison burger, which may be the best in town.

Forum Shops at Caesars Palace

702 732 7256

The Palm Las Vegas

Please note that this restaurant is not The Palms Casino Resort.


At a glance: The Cosmopolitan is a place you go to see and be seen. Everything there has a certain energy and appeal that attracts a vibrant crowd of strutters and scenesters. This is most true at STK, a steakhouse that verges on the sexy. The ambiance comes at a price, however, so expect $100 per person, and leave some room for a tip.

In full: STK falls into a category called new-style, for which the Cosmopolitan is famed. The Las Vegas steakhouse from The One Group and Executive Chef Stephen Hopcraft have made a menu to match, respecting the past by reinventing it.

Of course, the bar is the place to be, and we recommend starting your meal with one of their inspired cocktails. A blood & sand, or ginger mojito will put you in the mood for a culinary experience to savor. Serving a younger crowd, they offer a relaxed dining atmosphere, with music curated by the in-house DJ.

What truly separates STK from other steakhouses is the craftsmanship in their menu. Starting with top quality ingredients selected from Linz Heritage Certified Black Angus, the chefs prepare pieces of art with every plate. And have it your way. Add that foie gras, or give your steak a peppercorn crust. Their options will give you some choice, with a menu of sauces that offer no end to the flavor train.

We recommend the bone-in ribeye, but bring an appetite. It’s 34oz of pure joy. It’s also a cool $100.


702 698 7990


Strip House

At a glance: The steakhouse at Planet Hollywood is the aptly named Strip House. Given over to a vintage Hollywood theme, it is almost a bit of theater while you eat. The décor is old-school glamorous without the kitsch, and the menu focuses on the classics. Filet mignon, bone-in ribeye, and sides like truffle creamed spinach and crisp goose fat potatoes are the top of their menu.

In full: If it is a date or anniversary you’re after, we think this is your best bet. Offering intimacy with extravagance, it lets you savor the best of the culinary arts without pretension.

The bone-in New York Strip is our favorite, and quite possibly the best cut of beef in Las Vegas. But the rack of lamb is also an excellent choice. However, the best part may be the selection of butters, which keep us coming back.

Planet Hollywood

702 737 5200

Strip House

SW Steakhouse

At a glance: The Wynn pulls no stops, and they have offered Las Vegas something truly special with SW Steakhouse. This is a Forbes four-star establishment renowned across the nation, and it deserves every bit of fame. Overlooking Wynn’s Lake of Dreams, it is landmark destination, with a menu to match. Offering A5 Japanese wagyu and Kobe, they are the place to go.

In full: Many places offer wagyu and Kobe, but few know how to expertly prepare such fine ingredients, or how to make the perfectly marbled meat sing a song of flavor. SW Steakhouse does, and if an expensive steak is your goal, than you have to go here to be a winner.

The $240 price tag for 4oz of genuine Kobe beef might seem like a lot, but only until you taste it. After, you will consider it one of your better investments.

Of course, the menu offers a variety of delectable fare. The cheese-crusted Colorado lamb chops will make you go Homer on them in no time. We also applaud their expert vegetarian menu. It is rare to meet the needs of any herbivores at a steakhouse, let alone a vegan, but here your animal-friendly friends will come away raving. Do try the cauliflower and Yukon potato soup. It is splendid.

Wynn Las Vegas

702 770 3325

SW Steakhouse

Name Brands

Las Vegas is a culinary hotbed that attracts top talent from around the world. The best restaurateurs to celebrity chefs all want to open their own places here in Las Vegas. Well, if you are looking to dine with menus crafted and curated by these maestros of meat, check out this list. These are the names which have built empires.

Bazaar Meat by José Andrés

At a glance: If great steaks only get a meh from you, and you want something new in the world of meat, this is the place to go. An award winning chef and concept, Bazaar Meat offers an interesting take, with menu options you won’t find elsewhere. And if you want a delicacy, do try the Wagyu Beef Cheeks, but only after eating a few of the Cotton Candy Foie Gras starters.

In full: Bazaar Meat is truly a groundbreaking culinary experience. Brought to life by José Andrés, a James Beard award-winning chef, his restaurant is a wild and wonderful experience that celebrates all things carnivorous. A sister restaurant to the The Bazaar by José Andrés, you will enjoy the nuanced, playful cuisine and cocktails which are known on both coasts.

Relax in a strikingly seductive setting while you dine on food elevated by technique and imagination. Bordering on a gastropub, some delicious foods are presented in confounding ways which delight the tastes and offer a story to take home. From liquid olive cordials, to cotton candy foie gras, there are a number of offerings which are as delicious as they are a spectacle.

Although some traditionalists might scowl at airbread, crystal bread, and parmesan espuma, it can be a delight for people in the mood for an experience. You can get steak anywhere, but these are delicacies done here in Vegas. The price might be on the high side, but that goes for many Strip steakhouses.

Of course, we have to mention the drinks. Though their menu of cocktails is smaller than most, they are far more elaborate. You will want your server to explain the intricacies of your drink. And be prepared to take a picture. It will need to go up on Instagram.

SLS Las Vegas

702 761 7610

Bazaar Meat by José Andrés

Charlie Palmer Steak

At a glance: This Four Seasons steakhouse is almost hidden, but provides a classic experience with an intimate vibe that lets you escape the riff-raff of the Strip. You will find A5 Japanese wagyu from Kagoshima Prefecture on the menu, but don’t fear. They do fine with bone-in ribeye or a dry-aged Strip.

In full: To be fair, Charlie Palmer Steak is an excellent steakhouse, but doesn’t do much to distinguish itself as new or novel. In fact, its clubhouse atmosphere can almost feel a bit stuffy. You won’t mind the food. No, its perfectly done, and just what you expect for the price. It even has some beautiful presentation. But there is less experience here than elsewhere in Vegas, making it a better choice for locals than tourists.

Unless you have a comp, or are in the area and need to eat, I feel you are better served going to another steakhouse. Of course, that is only our opinion.

If you do go, the warm ochre palette and dark mahogany will be your constant companion. Almost reminiscent of an elegant Spanish villa, or even a Tuscan home, the dining room’s grand arches offer a sense of intimacy and privacy that keeps from being constricting. The deep couches and over stuffed club chairs are a lovely touch, and help subdue the formality that runs through the restaurant, bringing a slightly homey feel to the lively lounge.

We should mention, they were voted “Best steakhouse in Las Vegas” by the Las Vegas Review Journal, but we would stipulate exactly what they mean. This is refined dining, without spectacle, and great if you are treating your parents to dinner. It is a place for locals, but will underwhelm the tourist who might want more with their meal than a good value.

Four Seasons Las Vegas

Reservations: 702.632.5120 Private Events: 702.767.0357

Charlie Palmer Steak

CUT by Wolfgang Puck

At a glance: Wolfgang Puck is kind of a big deal, and his restaurant CUT offers a venue for the celebrity chef here in Vegas. Offering an elegant setting that emphasizes an excellent menu, CUT is a place where celebrity portraits line the walls and you can smell the scent of Japanese pure-breed wagyu beef wafting from the kitchen. The true highlights are the certified Tajima Kobe ribeye steak from Hyogo, which is worth the market price.

In full: Located at The Palazzo Las Vegas, CUT is one of Wolfgang Puck’s innovative restaurants. Providing quality at every level, from culinary skill to table service, and restaurant design, you will satisfied in every way with your dining experience.

The menu showcases a philosophy that builds on only the finest selections of beef, cooking them without pretension, while putting the utmost care in their beautiful presentation.

The only true issue with Cut is the need for a reservation. During peak season, you will need to get your table months in advance, although we hear a tip to your concierge might go some way to securing you a reservation.

What is great about the restaurant is their wide selection, with a menu that offers more than mere steaks. Select a sampling of cheeses, or plan for a cocktail party. Even private dining experiences are available, offering you the opportunity to taste some truly exceptional foods.


702 607 6300

CUT by Wolfgang Puck

Emeril Lagasse’s Delmonico Steakhouse

At a glance: A Creole-inspired steakhouse, Delmonico has reached its 20th anniversary. It continues to delight, serving preparations of Prime meats that don’t hold back, including a Chateaubriand for two from Creekstone Farms, certified Piedmontese beef and Japanese wagyu. The flavors here are bold, and just what you would expect from celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse.

In full: The grand American steakhouse is elevated by Chef Emeril Lagasse. His interpretation reaches back a time to when lunch was an event, cocktail hour was not to be missed, and dinner with friends was a celebration. Delmonico Steakhouse remembers that they don’t just serve up meat on a plate, but the experience of dinning.

Located in The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, Delmonico Steakhouse takes its name from the legendary, century-old New Orleans institution, Delmonico Restaurant and Bar. The tradition is well respected, and carries forward a fine-dining experience without the pretension.

Perhaps it is the hint of Southern hospitality, but the buttermilk fried chicken, or Louisiana root beer float offer something delicious, but also down home. We also feel the flavors are stronger, with a bit more kick. It may not delight the muted European palate, but this will delight most Americans who like to drown in taste with every bite.


702 414 3737

Emeril Lagasse’s Delmonico Steakhouse

Gordon Ramsay Steak

At a glance: Gordon Ramsay is just about an industry un-to himself, and has several restaurants here in Las Vegas. His steakhouse, the cleverly named Gordon Ramsay Steak, provides an experience that will leave you thinking you’re over the pond. The very British menu serves Gordon’s perennial favorites, such as beef Wellington. That alone is reason enough to eat here.

In full: Really, there is a lot to say about Gordon Ramsay Steak. The décor is typical of his restaurants, which offers a modern but refined feel that has been perfected by designers across numerous projects. You can almost taste the experience in the highly engineered setting.

Some might delight in the offerings, while others will feel it a tad too commercial and polished. But the food is the real test. I would well and truly recommend the beef Wellington, which is delicious, and worth the rave reviews. You have to understand how the duxelles almost marinates the fillet, keeping it moist, and imparting a richness that can’t rightly be described.

Of course, the rest is just theater. Might as well come and cross this one off your bucket list. You are here in Vegas to have a good time, to live loudly, and come home with stories to lord over your friends and family. Make them jealous by eating here, since everyone is familiar with Gordon and his restaurant empire.

Paris Las Vegas

877 796 2096

Gordon Ramsay Steak

Jean Georges Steakhouse

At a glance: Jean-Georges Steakhouse at Aria provides a fitting respite from the casino floor. Aria caters to a richer crowd than some other casinos, and this restaurant provides for their expected tastes. With rich, modern-dining, you will not be disappointed by what’s on offer.

In full: If you are craving Kobe A5, arguably the best beef in the world, Jean Georges Steakhouse has it on the menu. But the offerings extend far beyond a simple steak.

With three different types of beef from around the world, dozens of cuts, and a selection of seafood that astounds, there are options for every palate. But the best offering may be the experience. The interior design has a stylish appeal that is dark and modern, and the tableside service brings the show to your seat. There is just something special about watching a knife carve a smoked wagyu brisket in front of you. Your mouth will truly water.


702 590 8660

Jean Georges Steakhouse

Prime Steakhouse

At a glance: At Prime, Chef Jean-Georges has invited the public to enjoy steakhouse dining at its finest. The best in steak, seafood, and lamb is enhanced by fabulous selections of flavorful sauces, sides, and curated wine list that will satisfy the most demanding oenophile. This is Jean-Georges second steakhouse, but not his second-best steakhouse. We think it is a better option for more formal dining, but it is worth the cost for any occiasion.

In full: Part of the experience at Prime Steakhouse is the design. You can relax in the classic dining room which is done in handsome chocolate brown and delicate Tiffany blue décor. The elaborate design of Michael DeSantis has a youthful whimsy while still being formal, and would fit among any European palace.

Rare for a steakhouse in Las Vegas, the restaurant’s garden patio provides the perfect outdoor setting for a tranquil dining experience. This is a great option for lunch, and is one way to remind the love of your life that you still care.

If you are looking for a decadent treat, we recommend the Soy-Garlic Glazed New Your Strip. It might be a slap in the face for purists, but tastes too good to ignore. Of course, couples may prefer the Porterhouse for Two.


866 259 7111

Prime Steakhouse

Michael Mina’s StripSteak

At a glance: Down at the end of the Strip at Mandalay Bay, this mainstay draws hungry carnivores as soon as their plane lands at McCarran. Offering a wide selection of meat, they are famed for their mesquite wood-burning grill as well as their generous use of butter. And the duck fat fries are a great side. We recommend taking some home for a snack as you waddle off down the Strip.

In full: StripSteak redefines the classic American steakhouse, putting its own twist on the core concept. The all-natural, organic and hormone-free, beef is what a modern audience wants when they eat, but is still tempered with an ample use of butter and is then finished over a mesquite wood grill. Just for the flavor, mind you.

Executive Chef Tony Schutz offers plenty of other specialties, including Duck Bolognese, Kurobuta Pork Tenderloin, Grilled 2 lb. Lobster, and classic American side dishes with a Michael Mina twist—such as Truffled Mac & Cheese and Spinach Soufflé with Parmesan Cream. You won’t be disappointed with your choice.

StripSteak is the winner of the 2013 Best of Las Vegas Scotch Selection award, and also features over 100 single malt scotches. Where some restaurants tout their wine list, it is nice to see something unique and impressive as this wall of glass and amber goodness. Go and enjoy the bar, along with a dizzying array of cocktails and, yes, they even have a carefully curated wine selection if the hard-stuff is not for you.

Mandalay Bay

702 632 7414

Michael Mina’s StripSteak

Tom Colicchio’s Craftsteak

At a glance: This Top Chef judge is an audience favorite, and has two outposts on the Strip, Craftsteak at MGM Grand and Heritage at the Mirage. Both show Colicchio’s skill as a chef, with incredible menus that always delight. But Craftsteak is lighter fare than many steakhouses, which is great if you want lunch, or are eating before a concert or show.

In full: Craftsteak goes far to redefine the concept of a steakhouse. Focusing on beef sourced from the world’s top ranchers and artisanal producers, and dry-aging it in the restaurant’s aging room, they have a handle on quality from the grass that is eaten to the grill that delivers.

There are several ages of beef on the menu, allowing guests to experience the various flavors and textures of aged beef. These can offer some stronger flavors, so we actually recommend speaking with your waiter to see what will best satisfy.

Craftsteak also serves an amazing array of fresh fish and shellfish as part of its mouth-watering chilled seafood assortments. But the true star might be the wonderful selection of flavorful salads. It might seem surprising, but the mix of Persian cucumber, watercress, and ginger was noteworthy.

As expected, Tom Colicchio’s Craftsteak features a variety of cuts, ages and grades of antibiotic-free beef. This is a curated selection. It really is the best, and might even show more care than other steakhouses like Cut, or STK. But the meat is not alone. Complementing the steaks are an assortment of sides, from simply prepared seasonal treats to mouthwatering versions of steakhouse classics.

MGM Grand

702 891 7318

Tom Colicchio’s Craftsteak

Tom Colicchio’s Heritage Steak

At a glance: Tom Colicchio’s second steakhouse in Las Vegas, Heritage Steak is the best reason to dine at the Mirage. The modern twist to traditional culinary staples is seen throughout their menu, and will tantalize the senses. The open kitchen provides a show while dining, and treats everyone to the aromatic extravagance of a culinary kitchen in full swing. The smell of open charcoal grills and wood-burning ovens brings the excitement of the kitchen to an intimate table side experience, and will have your mouth watering before your meal arrives.

In full: This steakhouse is about showmanship. It is about fire. It is about bringing the kitchen to the diners, and the diners to the kitchen.

The flavors are great, and even better sense the mystery is revealed to you while you wait. It is possible to watch your food develop, giving you a sense of ownership that makes every bite taste richer than the last. This is not just food off the menu, it is food made to order. It is your food.

Though the ambiance is a little more casual than some steakhouses, it is still refined. It is light, peppy, with an energy that will see you satisfied and ready to take on the Strip.

Our own recommendations are the crab cakes, and the blue cheese crust. Whatever cut you order, have it with the blue cheese. It is the height of steakhouse perfection.


702 791 7111

Tom Colicchio’s Heritage Steak

The New in Vegas

Las Vegas is always reinventing itself. Every six months it is a new city, with new stores, restaurants, and even casinos. And these are the latest in steakhouses, just coming on the scene. Try them now and beat everybody else to the punch.


At a glance: Eataly is a new experience in Las Vegas, recreating the style of an Italian farmer’s market on the Strip. Manzo, the branded steakhouse, is part of the show, letting diners go so far as to purchase the beef that will be used in their meal from the adjoining butcher. It may not be a favorite, but it something to try just for the novelty.

In full: Manzo means “beef” in Italian, and is exactly what they do. Celebrating the idea of sustainable butcher farms and Italian culinary heritage, they are focused on freshness.

Their intimate, Italian restaurant is what can only be called butcher-chic, and features prime quality meats, vegetables and herbs. They source the purest ingredients from estates in Nevada, Kansas, Colorado, and surrounding regions, which do translate to fresher, bolder flavors than your typical store bought ingredients.

The restaurant is dominated by a custom-built, three-tiered wood-burning grill, which is fueled by a careful selection of white oak, apple wood and coals. They are used to lend each dish its delicately rustic flavor, giving each bite a taste of the Tuscan countryside. In true Italian tradition, you will find the menu includes a fine selection of fresh pastas made in-house by their very own pastaio. These are very good, but are cooked al dente unless otherwise specified.

Choose from an extensive wine list which includes more than 400 bottles from across Italy and an enticing series of signature cocktails inspired by the best of Italian liqueurs.

Set in a warm and inviting space inspired by the classic Italian macelleria, or butcher shop, Manzo does offer an up-close-and-personal dining experience ideal for any occasion, though we think it works best as a spot for lunch. Much of the fun at Manzo is tasting the rest of the fare found at Eataly, so feel free to pick and choose from the abundance of treats on offer.

Park MGM

702 730 7646



At a glance: Are you aware of all the secret locations at the Cosmopolitan? Well now, the Palms offers its own hidden gem. Following the $700 million dollar renovation that saw the construction of club KAOS and other features, they added a supper club inside Chef Michael Symon’s Mabel’s BBQ. Feel like you are part of a select in-crowd when you dine here, and be happy with the delicious food which is prepared table-side by tuxedo-clad captains.

In full: Chef Michael Symon is making a name for himself. His creative vision doesn’t stop at the dinner plate, either. At Sara’s, diners are treated to a speakeasy hidden inside Mabel’s BBQ. Here, the natural stone tables, and tuxedo-clad captains treat patrons with style.

The menu offers a fine selection of foods, with a strong assortment of fish. But the drinks menu is our favorite. We wouldn’t mind hitting up the bar for a light appetizer and two or three of their Old Fashioneds, reimagined with Bacardi rum.

Of course, as this is an off-Strip location, most tourists won’t get a chance to visit. But it actually ranks high in our minds, and should be part of anyone’s stay if they go to the Palms.


702 942 7777


Scotch 80 Prime

At a glance: The second steakhouse at the Palms, Scotch 80 Prime offering s lovely setting, with well prepared and presented food. But the true star of the show is their selection of whiskys. Specially curated, they have some reserves you won’t find elsewhere. And if there is an enthusiast in your family, this will be the perfect treat to surprise them with for a lovely dinner.

In full: One selling point of this restaurant is the artwork by Basquiat. Honestly, I am not a fan, but it might appeal to some. Of course, that isn’t the real reason to go here.

We are not quite sure if Scotch 80 Prime is a better option than the other Palms located steakhouse, Sara’s, but it does provide a different experience. The selection of whiskys is delightful to any connoisseur. It would only be more perfect if there was a nearby cigar bar to complete the experience.

The food is as expected, with fine presentation, but does lack a certain je ne sais quoi. I imagine this is less of a destination option than most. It is for the people staying at the Palms, who might have a food and beverage credit, or discount, or who don’t want to go too far from the slots or their room.


702 942 7777

Scotch 80 Prime

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